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2155160 - Incident Prioritization for "Performance Management and Goal Management"



Judging the right prioritiy for Cloud HCM Support Incidents. 

In order to ensure healthy service levels for all our customers, priority of incidents reported will be judged based on the business impact of the issue. This KBA article outlines the principles which should be used for determining the incident priority.



Success Factors HCM suite

Bizx Performance Management and Goal Management


Priority P1 "Very High"
This is considered to be the highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through an Immense Business impact. Following are few examples which will be considered under P1 Priority .
  • Forms not launching for any employee by the admin or by the manager.
  • Forms will not open, partially load or cannot be accessed at all.
  • System crashes when updating goals, competencies or comments in the form or in the Goal Plan.
  • Employees/ managers not able to route forms.
  • Clicking on a button does nothing (such as adding competency, goal, save).
Priority P2 "High" :
This is considered to be second highest Priority which depicts that your organization is going through a business impact however the business can still perform some of its tasks without any issues. Following are few examples which will be considered under P2 Priority.
  • Application Errors are displayed when printing performance reviews.
  • Ratings (manual/calculated) not behaving as the form has been configured.
  • Feedbacks given are not populated within the system.
  • Emails are not triggered when creating/ routing forms.
  • Application is not saving data when comments /ratings have been entered.
  • Forms skipping route steps (for some users).
Priority P3 "Medium" :
This is considered to be something in which the business impact is least however there is some functionality loss which is adding on to some issues for your organization. Following are few examples which will be considered under P3 Priority.
  • Special characters appearing in goal plan/ performance form.
  • Issues with form not moving to the next step in the route map.
  • Issues with form label translations.
  • Someone can see something at the wrong step (or vice versa).
  • We have to click a button more than once to make it work.
  • System is taking longer than expected to complete a task (but still completing).
  • Some scheduled forms are not being created.


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