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2152750 - AICC Communication Parameters - LMS


AICC communication is performed by HTTP posts comprised of a series of name/value pairs (see the table below).


  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions


When AICC content is launched from an LMS, two parameters are appended to the launch url: AICC_SID and AICC_URL. The content retrieves these parameters from the launch path and uses them to communicate back to the LMS. The AICC_URL is the LMS URL to which the AICC data is posted. The AICC_SID is a unique identifier for the learner, item, and content object. In an AICC post, the AICC_SID is returned to the LMS under the "session_id" parameter.

In the SuccessFactors LMS, the AICC launch parameters are composed of the following data:

  • AICC_URL = <LMS protocol>://<LMS DNS>:<LMS port>/<LMS application context>/PwsAicc - for example if a learner logged into the LMS user application using then the AICC_URL would be
  • AICC_SID = "C"<studCpntID>"M"<moduleID>"S" where the studCpntID is a unique numeric identifier for the student and item, and the moduleID is a unique numeric identifeir for the content object. for example, if the studCpntID = 175 and the modID = 21, then the AICC_SID would be C175M21S.

NOTE: Each student will have a unique AICC_SID for any given content object.


AICC parameter Description
Command Any valid AICC HTTP command (i.e., PutParam or GetParam)
Version AICC Spec Version (SuccessFactors is certified under version 2.2)


Unique Session Identifier passed on the launch URL (AICC_SID value from the launch url)
AU_Password (This parameter is optional) Assignable Unit (content object) specific password
AICC_Data Data specific to the command. If the content was sending information to the LMS, this is the parameter under which the data would be sent. The AICC_Data value must be URL encoded. For more information, see the Standard AICC_DATA Values page.


Usage Rules:

  • The AICC_Data value is URL-encoded.
  • The Name/value pairs can appear in any order.
  • If an optional value is to be omitted, the name must also be omitted.
  • The name of each parameter is not case sensitive.


The most common Commands:
"PutParam" and "GetParam" (PutParam sends data to the LMS, and GetParam retrieves data from the LMS). Others can be found under appendix A of the CMI Guidelines for Interoperability document. (See Attached)


Click on the examples below to see the LMS response data for GetParam and PutParam commands.

GetParam Request

PutParam Request[core]%0D%0Alesson_location%3Dend%0D%0Alesson_status%3DI%0D%0Ascore%3D87%0D%0Atime%3D00:23:15



  • %0D is the url-encoded value for a carriage return
  • %0A is the url-encoded value for a line feed
  • %3D is the url-encoded value for "="
  • %26 the url-encoded value for "&"


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