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2149827 - How to disable a User Account in SAP Jam


  • Making the User in SAP Jam as Inactive/Alumni




User has left the organization.


Access Required –
Only a Company Administrative has the access to do this task.

1) When SAP Jam is a "Stand-Alone" instance

When the SAP Jam is a Stand-Alone instance that is, if the SAP Jam service is not integrated with BizX, use the following method for disabling the user account:

1. Access the Admin console and select Users from the left navigation sidebar. The Admin Users page is displayed.
2. Search and select the particular user you want to make inactive.
3. In the row for the user that you want to make inactive, click edit. The user's profile page appears.
4. The User profile page will open like below:


5. Change the user's Member Status from Active to Alumni and click ‘Save changes’. The selected user's profile is moved into the company's Alumni directory and the user account is deactivated. Contributions from the user are not removed from SAP Jam when their user account is deactivated.

2) When SAP Jam instance is integrated with BizX

When the SAP Jam instance is integrated with BizX and the User data flows from BizX to SAP Jam, use the following method to disable the user account:

  1. Export the User Data File in Admin Tools. 
    Admin Tools --> Employee Export --> Export User File          
  2. In the User Data File, in the row for the user that you want to make inactive, change the ‘STATUS’ of the user from active to inactive as below:

3.  Import this User Data File back to the BizX system.
4.  Making User as Inactive in User Data File and uploading it to BizX system will automatically disable that user's access to SAP Jam.


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