2147004 - Mass Create Calibration Session

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2147004 - Mass Create Calibration Session


While mass creating calibration session using Admin tools >the .csv file is not imported successfully


  • Successfactors HCM Suite
  • BizX Platform
  • Calibration

Reproducing the Issue

1. Log into the instance

2. Admin Tools >Calibration> mass Create Calibration session.

3. Select the .csv file from the system>Import

4. Message "File not imported successfully"


1. The file should be in proper format so that the file gets uploaded successfully


1. The correct csv format to mass create Calibration Sessions with multiple participants as well as multiple subjects is as below:


2. The first column contains the Calibration session name ,the second the name of the Calibration Template .The Session date, Location and Activation Date  are optional .If there are more than one participants for one session, the “|” symbol is used to separate the participants as shown in the screenshot. This needs to be repeated for all the rows.


3. If you have more than one facilitator or Session owner, the same symbol "|" needs to be used.


4. Each subject of the session needs to be put in a different row and not separated by the symbol "|".

5. The “Session Name”, ”Template Name”, “Participant”, “Facilitator ” and “Session Owner” needs to be repeated for every row until the last subjects name.




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