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2146615 - How to use the Historical Trend in Matrix Grid Reports


  • What is the Historical Trend functionality in Matrix Grid Reports?
  • How does the system defines the data that populates that section?
  • How can we filter the data that will be available in the Historical Trend?


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The Historical Trend will use all the rating values available for a specific person, based on both the Process defined for the Matrix Grid Report and the Date Range defined for the Matrix Grid Report, to populate a graph that visually shows the changes that happened during this Date Range. In the example below we can see the Historical Trend for Mike Miller:



As shown in the legend, the blue dot will follow the Performance ratings for Mike Miller and their development – while the orange square will follow potential ratings and their ups and downs. Since the Matrix Grid Report can use several ratings to place users in the report, which can hold different rating scales each, the Historical Trend will normalize all ratings to the current rating scale being used by the Matrix Grid Report. In this example we have one of the ratings for Mike Miller coming from a Performance form that has a 5-star Rating Scale; so the rating will be normalized to fit the 3-star Rating Scale being utilized by the Matrix Grid Report.




In the meanwhile, right next to it we have a new rating coming from Live Profile with a 3-star Rating Scale, so no normalization is necessary.




If by any chance we would want to filter what comes inside the Historical Trend, this can be done by applying changes to the process being used by the Matrix Grid Report; on the example above, the Matrix Grid Report is using as the process “All data sources”, so ratings come from Performance forms, Calibration sessions, Live Profile, etc. So if we go to Admin Tools > Matrix Grid Report: Performance-Potential, and we change the Process to a new process created which only has Trend data from Live Profile, we can avoid ratings from a Performance form that holds a different Rating Scale populating the Historical Trend. This will also remove those ratings from populating the Matrix Grid Report.




After the process is changed and saved, if we go back to the Historical Trend, we will no longer see the Performance rating that came from a Performance form.




Although we can filter the sources that will populate the Matrix Grid Report/Historical Trend, if Live Profile is one of the sources and there are ratings with different rating scales on the Live Profile, the only way to filter out the ratings that hold different rating scales would be by adjusting the Date Range of the Matrix Grid Report not to pull them.



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