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2146609 - What are the best practices followed by leading organizations using the SAP Jam feature?


  1. What are the best practices followed by leading organizations using the SAP Jam feature?
  2. How we can use SAP Jam to improve our organizational communication?





The way your company approaches the use of SAP Jam is solely based on your company's needs.


Best Practices for setting up communities in SAP Jam:


  • Encourage Collaboration and openness at all levels
  • Make sure employees know it’s okay to use the tool
  •  Lead by example

–Get management to use the tool

  • Biggest fear from admins is that someone will post something inappropriate – address this fear and move past it
    –Keep groups as unrestricted as you can


  • Each group needs an owner or caretaker (We recommend having more than one group admin in the event one is unavailable)
  • Owner responsible for:
    –Arranging and presenting content
    –Adding new content
    –Keeping the conversation going
    –Acting as the moderator and arbitrator
    –Making sure questions are answered
    –Inviting relevant and interesting people to the group


  • Encourage both informal, formal collaboration
  • Small spontaneous groups valuable too
  • Examples:
    –Creating a group to collaborate on an upcoming presentation
    –Setting up a quick poll to bounce an idea off the group
    –Keeping a “running list” using a wiki page


  • Public rather than private groups whenever possible
  • Assume a group should be public
  • Allow people to discover content
  • “Accidental” learning
  • “Breaking down silos” is a typical goal of a social tool
  • Consider a “public” and a “private” group for your team


  • Have a robust “About” page to guide new members


  • Line up guest bloggers, contributors
  • Company experts
  • Sr. Management
  • Managers from other teams
  • Don’t forget regular employees


  • Provide fresh content regularly
  • Give people a reason to return to your group
  • Promote the updates
  • Keep things interesting
  • Consider holding a contest, uploading photos, videos


  • Always answer questions promptly
  • People need to know they can get fast answers
  • Will encourage others to participate and post
  • Build the wealth of information
  • Consider assigning a few people to monitor the group for questions and to track down answers
  • Limit group proliferation
  • Make sure each group has a unique purpose
  • Search existing groups before creating a new group
  • Use the Description box to describe, differentiate



Link to the recording to the SAP Jam specific VIP webinar held which should help you establish a baseline understanding of what you can do from an administrative standpoint:



Please also check the below link to the SAP Jam page. There you will find White Papers and additional product information:



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