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2123766 - Error while creating user - 'The User ID you have entered was previously used. Please enter a new unique ID.'


  • When admin tries to create a user manually, but they receive the following Validation Error:



SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to LMS Admin
  2. Navigate to Users tab in LMS and search for the user:
  3. Click 'Delete'
  4. Click 'Yes'
  5. See example reproduction screenshot below:




This functionality was deactivated on b1708:

  • You may find more information in the Release Notes
  • The feature of User Re-incarnation via Connector and UI is not supported from 1708 release
  • Information from Product Mangement:
    • "Reincarnate is no longer available. Going forward, users created through Bizx use PersonGUID as the identifier. This allows them to re-use old IDs that are familiar to the user, and this will cascade to the LMS.  Reincarnate for standalone learning users however does mean that old IDs will not be able to be used. This was an issue with data integrity and data privacy policies. If you assign the ID to a new user, there are still traces in the application audit tables from the previous owner of the ID."


Starting in Release b1708, LMS will no longer support User Creation using an ID that has already been used (deleted / deactivated).

Update: After review with Product management, they have realized that the feature needed to be reactivated until the LMS application can be enhanced to account for the behavior in Bizx Platform.

Platform allows the reuse of IDs after a “permanent purge” process supported via DRM (which is a separate process than the softer purge than can also be done via DRM, which doesn’t allow ID reuse). Reusing IDs after a permanent purge places the onus on the customer to keep track of which user was deleted when and whether a different user claimed their ID, because if there is ever a need to look back in audit history, there will be no way to distinguish which user performed an action at a certain point in time. This auditing discrepancy is one of the reasons why we removed this capability.

However, since ID reuse is allowed upstream in Platform, we will allow it in the LMS as well.

For 1711 (and via in patch in 1708), we will temporarily bring back the reincarnate feature via connectors. Based on current logic, this also brings back all user data.
In 2018, we will make changes to more closely align with Platform’s logic – that is, ID reuse won’t be allowed unless the user has been permanently purged in the LMS. In that case, when the ID is reused, no additional data will be brought back.

This KBA will be updated once we have a confirmation when this feature will be depreciated.

See Also

Please click here to access b1708 Release Notes


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