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  • The Upgrade Center allows customers to easily upgrade their BizX systems. With built in documentation and self-service activation of new features, the Upgrade Center is designed around communicating and activating key enhancements as easy as possible.
  •  Note: The Upgrade Center does not, at least initially, replace the regular process of activating the entire breadth of new product updates that come along with the quarterly release process. Rather it supplements them with the ability to activate major opt-in enhancements that would normally require a support case.


  • BizX Platform


Key Benefits
  • Increased Innovation

Over the years we've made considerable improvements to the look, feel, and performance of your SuccessFactors application. Make sure you are taking advantage of some of the more important, easy to administer upgrades! 

  • Ease of Use

Available upgrades are intuitively displayed and after reading support information, you can upgrade your system in a single click! Because of this, within the upgrades available in the Upgrade Center, you won't have to submit a support case! 

  • Summary of Upgrades activated within Upgrade Center

You can also get a snapshot of past upgrades performed via the Upgrade Center, get additional information about the feature, and even undo the change! 

  • Ability to Undo Upgrades 

Upgrades that have been performed in the Upgrade Center can be undone within 10 days of that enhancement being activated! Please note that if you choose to submit a case to have Support activate a feature listed in the Upgrade Center, you will have to submit a case to undo that action as well.

Note: The Upgrade Center does not replace the regular process of activating the entire breadth of new product updates that come along with the quarterly release process. Rather it supplements them with the ability to activate major opt-in enhancements that would normally require a support case. 

Using the Upgrade Center

Customers will only see the Upgrade Center (pictured below) link when it has been automatically turned on 

1.) Available within OneAdmin. (Not available within Old Admin tools) 


2.) Take a peek at the Upgrade Center's easy to use interface!


3.) Click on an enhancement listed in the above screenshot to learn more! 


4.) Once upgrade interest is confirmed, clicking the 'Upgrade' button in the above screenshot leads to a confirmation page with an estimated time for completion and additional details. 


5.) Quickly see a repository of all upgrades activated within the Upgrade Center. 


Current Available Enhancements

(Updated for Q4 Release)

The Upgrade Center does not have all SuccessFactors enhancements listed--generally it includes items that are deemed as being high impact complimentary upgrades to your system. 

The current list of enhancements available within the Upgrade Center, as of the August 2013 release, include:

  • Revolution V12 UI

  • V12 Home Page

  • V12 Employee Profile + Public Profile (for companies with neither EPv12 nor Public Profile)

  • Ad Hoc Report Builder 2.0 (for customers without Ad Hoc Report Builder)

  • Dashboards 2.0

  • Competency Library 2.0

  • Mobile Application Activation 

  • Show Me Video

  • Public Profile (for those companies with Employee Profile v12, but no Public Profile yet)
  • PM v12

  • Comp 2.0 Admin

  • Succession MDF Migration (Advertisement Only)

  • Role Based Permissions (Advertisement Only)

  • Career Worksheet V12

  • Recruiting – Resume Parsing – enable resume parsing for internal and external candidates, as well as recruiting users who are adding candidates manually

  • Recruiting  Manage Duplicate Candidates – merge candidate records for candidates who appear to have duplicate accounts in the system

  • Recruiting – Complete Profile Before Application – enforce candidates to complete their profile before application so that their data is searchable

  • Recruiting – Career Site Home Page – enable the external career site home page

  • Recruiting – Pre-approved Job Requisition Visibility – allow recruiting users to view pre-approved job requisitions which have yet to reach them in the route map approval process

  • Recruiting – Apply with LinkedIn for External Career Site – allow external candidates to fill in their candidate profile using their LinkedIn profile information

  • Recruiting – Apply with LinkedIn for Internal Career Site – allow internal candidates to fill in their candidate profile using their LinkedIn profile information

  • Recruiting – Metrics Bar on Job Requisition Landing Page (YouCalc Widget) – this metrics bar, situated at the top of the job requisition landing page provides recruiting users key information about their job requisitions​

Please note that you will only see the above enhancements within your Upgrade Center if you have not already upgraded. I.E. If your company already has activated the Show Me Video feature, you will not see it as a possible upgrade.



Edit section

What is the availability of the Upgrade Center?

  • The Upgrade Center is available to all SuccessFactors customers with access to the OneAdmin 'admin tools' interface. 

How do I access the Upgrade Center?

  • Any user with access to the 'Admin Center' can access the Upgrade Center by default. You can control access to the upgrade center via RBP by enabling the following feature from provisioning > company settings - "Enable Upgrade Center Permission" . For more details see KBA  2196363

Which upgrades show up in the Upgrade Center?

  • Features will only be shown if you do not have them activated. For example, if you've taken advantage of Home Page tiles, the feature will not be listed within your Upgrade Center because you've already activated it! 
  • Secondarily, not all new features will be included in the Upgrade Center. It is up to the discretion of our Product Management team to choose what should be listed here but typically they are high impact items that are very popular among customers that have activated them. 
  • Currently, the Upgrade Center only supports the enablement of features that can be supported by OneAdmin; this does not incldue Plateau, Inform, SAP Jam, or Jobs2Web products.

What happens with dependent upgrades?

  • Some features require the customer to have another feature enabled before they can perform the upgrade. For example, v12 Profile and v12 Home Page require v12 Revolution UI
  • The Upgrade Center is very conservative about how it encourages admins to perform upgrades and unlike the Apple App Store - we don't do all the upgrades all at once. They must be individually done. 
  • Using the v12 Profile example. If a customer does not have v12 profile or v12 UI enabled, they will see both features listed in the Upgrade Center. But if they click on the v12 Profile option first, they will be notified that the upgrade cannot be performed until the dependent upgrade(s) are completed.

How does the Upgrade Center Summary Page work?

  • Only upgrades that have been performed in the Upgrade Center will show up in the Upgrade Summary page. This means that only upgrades done using the Upgrade Center can be undone.
  • If your company's Support Contact Administrator requests Support to enable a feature, at this time, you must submit a case to undo the feature.
  • It is strongly encouraged that if a customer calls into support, and asks about a feature available in the Upgrade Center that they be directed to the Upgrade Center to do the upgrade. This will allow them to undo the feature (if undo is allowed) and it will also give them access to any videos, screenshots and help documentation.  

How does the "undo" feature work?

  • The 'undo' feature only works for 30 days after the activation occurs. After this period, please contact Support to have an enhancement reverted.

  • Only features that have been activated within Upgrade Center can be undone within the Upgrade Center. If you have submitted a support case to have the V12 Revolution UI activated, for example, you should submit a case requesting our Support team to undo it as well. 

  • Some features have dependencies (for example, you cannot turn off the v12 UI until you have disabled the v12 Home Page or v12 profile). 
  • Not all features can be undone.

Who can perform these upgrades in customer instances? Does this work for Role Based Permissioning (RBP) and admin domains?

  • All admins can see and be educated about all upgrades, but not all admins can actually perform the upgrade themselves.
  • For each feature the necessary admin privileges required to do the upgrade are built into the validation of the feature in the Upgrade Center.

What happens after I click the 'Upgrade' button?

  • This is configurable by feature, but in general, instant upgrades just flash a confirmation message. Upgrades will flash a message & will send a confirmation email to the administrator who performed the upgrade.
Will any user that has access to 'Admin Tools' be allowed to activate enhancements to the BizX application?


No; The amount of enhancements a user can activate in the Upgrade Center is related to the products in which they have been permissioned as an administrator.

So although users with access to Admin Tools will be able to view all available upgrades, they will not necessarily be able to activate them unless permissioned as an administrator of that module.

If, for example, a Compensation Administrator logged into the Upgrade Center via Admin Tools, they would be able to see all available upgrades, but would only be able to upgrade items relevant to the Compensation module.


Not sure how to review and edit administrative permissions? 


- If using Role-Based Permissions (RBP), go to the “Manage Permission Roles” admin tool and open a role for administrators. Click “Permission” to view the individual permissions granted to those users, and examine the “Administrator Permission” section.


- If using legacy permissions, go to the “Administrative Privileges” admin tool and search for a given user. The checkboxes in the table will indicate which administrator permissions that user has, and in turn what features they will be able to enable in the Upgrade Center. 
I have SAP JAM, Workforce Analytics, Plateau, Jobs2Web, or KMS Onboarding. Will I get the Upgrade Center in August 2013? No. The Upgrade Center will only be extended to products that can be accessed and managed from within OneAdmin (Admin Tools). 



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