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Support for the v10 UI has now officially ended! As of 12/31/2012 we are no longer supporting or developing new features for the V10 user interface. Specifically we have ended engineering support, including our extensive QA cycles (against V10 only) that occur prior to each release.

If you are still using V10 UI please contact Customer Success as soon as possible by creating a support ticket [Click Submit A Case Button], to coordinate a timeline that is most convenient for your company to migrate ASAP. SuccessFactors has been communicating this message via multiple channels since June 2011.

Please note that although we will continue to support the V11 UI, we recommend all clients leverage our V12 Revolution UI to receive the added features and benefits it brings.

Update 5/1/2013: All clients that have not yet moved will now be automoved in our upcoming August release. Clients will not be able to remain on v10 beyond August 2013 unless they arrange an special exclusion via their account manager, and SuccessFactors agrees to maintain the instance on V10 for a brief period. There will be no exceptions made that have an indefinite timeline. Even exceptions will require a plan to be put in place to move off V10 this year if August is problematic.


Common Questions

Q: What exactly is ending?

  • Engineering support, including our extensive QA cycles that occur prior to each release.
    Customer Success will continue to take your cases even if you remain on V10. We will still evaluate any new issue or bug you might report to see if this is specific to V10 or not. If we determine the issue is a general bug not due to V10 we will continue to provide support and work towards a fix for the issue. Only when we determine the new issue is specific to V10 will we be unable to provide a fix. Engineering will no longer be testing new features and code changes against the V10 code base. This greatly increases the chances that a new bug will be introduced into instances still on V10. Since SuccessFactors is not evaluating the V10 code, we will be unaware of any bugs specific to V10 until you report it. This is typically an undesirable approach or scenario for any client and again why we encourage all clients to move to V12 ASAP.


Q: How do I tell what version we are on?

  • Version information for V10 is found in the footer of most pages. Please open a support ticket with Customer Success if you would like us to check your version, but typically you can do this very quickly and easily by logging in and reviewing your home page. 
  • If your UI has the old "Quick Links" portal in the left menu on most pages you ARE using V10.
  • If you have the new "To Do List" you are NOT on V10, but are on V11 (Ultra) or V12.


Q: If I am on Ultra (V11) do I need to do anything?

  • No. Support for V11, commonly known as Ultra, will continue uninterrupted. This impacts V10 clients only. We encourage all V11 clients to consider upgrading to V12 soon.


Q: Do we have to migrate to V12?

  • Yes. If you are on V10, then the only option is to migrate to V12. We do not support migrating to V11 as that UI is also now 5 years old and therefore no longer supported as an Upgrade Path. V12 is our only supported upgrade option.


Q: Can we upgrade to Ultra?

  • No. If you are on V10, the only option is to migrate to V12.


Q: Is migrating safe?

  • Yes. V12 Revolution is now over a year old! We have more than 1500 successful upgrades with no reported issues relative to V12.


Q: Will our instance still work after 12/31/2012?

  • Yes. While SuccessFactors will no longer be providing engineering support for V10 or conducting QA against V10 for each new release, your V10 instance will continue to work without any changes unless a new bug or issue is introduced. It is this risk, the unexpected introduction of a new bug specific to V10, which is the main point of concern and why we strongly urge all clients to migrate immediately.


Q: If our V10 instance breaks will it be fixed?

  • Engineering is unlikely to invest resources fixing minor 'P3 or below' issues. Note: Priority is defined by SuccessFactors and not the client. Even P1 or P2 issues that only affect V10 clients may not be fixed if we determine that clients should upgrade to V12 as the appropriate fix. Engineering will consider fixing some P1 & P2 issues where this makes sense and where doing so does not negatively impact all other clients already on V11 & V12. A major concern you will have of course is the time it might take for SuccessFactors to develop and introduce the fix. You may not be able to successfully use the application until this is fixed. Moving to V12 is most likely the quickest path since that can be done on all instances within the same day.


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