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2112343 - System Slowness: What to do if the SuccessFactors Application has Performance Issues


If you perceive that the SuccessFactors application is slow to access please submit a case to SuccessFactors Customer Support ASAP.


You can request Customer Success hold a brief webex with you to gather this initial information. NOTE: We will not perform in depth diagnostics in this initial call beyond those points listed below. In depth diagnostics will be done via senior engineers after review of this information has been done.

As performance issues can be sporadic and short-lived, we ask the following initial information be captured by clients ASAP and documented in your case.

You might want to click here to check current status of the your Data Center to confirm if there are any current issues impacting performance


 Step 1: Open Case 

Please open a Support case with Customer Success and provide the following information. We will use this to perform diagnostics and determine if this issue is System/Platform, Browser, or Network related. State in your case if you would like Support to work with you via a webex to gather this information. This is not needed if you are comfortable gathering this yourself.

  • Contact Name(s):
  • Company Name & Instance Name:
  • Is this your Test or Production site?
  • Is the problem occurring right now?
  • How many end users are using the system?
  • How many have reported being affected?
  • Are remote offices affected?
  • Which remote offices are affected?


Step 2. Define Issue Type

Tell us if you feel your issue is best described as..

  1. Connectivity/System unavailable? (cant login or 404 errors etc.) or
  2. Slowness with a specififc page or action? (Eg viewing profile page, or just when we add a goal)  or
  3. Slowness in general using all pages? or
  4. Both Slowness and Connectivity?


Defining Issue Contd.

  1. Home Page, Tiles or To-Do List Slow Loading: If the issue is only seen on your home page, please first review this knowledge article: > Home Page: To-Do List - Home Page Slow to Load
  2. Compensation or Varpay: If the issue is only seen in your compensation program, then please refer to this knowledge article:  Compensation: Performance of Page Loading - Maximum Page Size


Step 3. Add Issue Specific Info

3a. If connectivity issue also tell us:

1. Can you log in at this time?

2. Capture and add to your case any errors you are seeing in the browser

3. When did this start?

4: Describe in general how this is affecting you and others:

Note: If no users can login at all, and everyone is locked out, please refer to our System Unavailable solution instead:


3b. If slowness issue also tell us:

1. Is it slow to login?

1a: Average time for login page to load:

2. State other pages or actions where slowness is most noticable (Eg viewing profile page, or adding a goal):

2a. Averge time for page or action to complete:

3. Before this started what was average load time, and how much longer on average is it taking today?

4. Provide us your Server/Timestamp: (How to get server & timestamp)

For slowness issues provide the server-timestamp captured at the time slowness was recorded. (Note: Server & Timestamp info from a later point can be misleading)

Note: Recruiting Marketing Platform Users (Jobs2Web): If you are accessing our system via "" then server and timestamp information is not available and not required to investigate server slowness. Please still open a ticket at the Support portal and include the date and symptoms that you or others are experiencing, and the general timeframe of when this issue is occurring.

Note: Typically we will not investigate slowness when pages are loading in less than 10 seconds.

While a standard page is tested to load in 3-5 seconds, your pages may contain large employee sets, complex calculations and custom sections. Therefore your pages may be substantially larger or more complex than a standard page. Keeping that in mind page load times could be between 5-10 seconds (sometimes longer for data rich & customized pages).

Tip: Pages that take >20seconds to load might be indicative of a system issue, misconfig issue, or network issue, and should be investigated.


Step 4. Helpful Information to Provide:

If you can provide replication steps and screen prints in a word doc, please add these to your case.


Next Steps:

We appreciate you providing the information above as soon as slowness is reported. Customer Success will contact you to arrange a meeting with you and your IT team to gather more in-depth diagnostics based on your initial information.


  • This is a technical process that requires technical skills. We recommend you engage your IT department to have them work with you and Customer Success to gather this diagnostic information.
  • Although system slowness is designated as a critical issue, and SuccessFactors will begin to work on this immediately, please understand that in some situations it can take a few days to fully capture and document the slowness depending on how intermittent the issue may be.
  • It may require running repeated tests over a period of time to sufficiently document the slowness being experienced.
  • As slowness can be in the cloud/network, or on the client end, it is sometimes difficult for SuccessFactors to replicate or capture the slowness. For this reason please understand why your IT is recommended to help perform tests when the source of slowness is believed to be outside of the SuccessFactors system.


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