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2112259 - Show Me Video Creator - BizX Plataform


  • SuccessFactors Show Me Video technology allows authors to create, record, and place contextually relevant how-to videos within their SuccessFactors system to improve user adoption and overall execution. After activating the feature below, you'll be able to explain to end users how they can perform common tasks like how to cascade goals or how to navigate their Employee Profile. Providing how to videos to your end users can help reduce the amount of questions you and can improve your company's adoption of the products you've invested in.


  • BizX Plataform


Activation Steps

In order to get this exciting update:

  1. Activate the Show Me Video within the Upgrade Center

    OR go to Admin Tools > Company System and Logo Settings > and check the “Enable Show Me” checkbox

    A pop up window will appear that requires you to read and confirm data center policies. If data cannot be stored outside of current data center, this feature should not be used.  To proceed, accept the acknowledgement.


2.) Permission the Users who Can Record a Show Me Video

a.) Non-Role Based Permissioning View - Under Manage Security > Manage Show Me Author Permission

b.) Role-Based Permissioning View - Grant 'Show Me Author' Permissions


After completing the steps above, be sure to watch the how to video on how to best leverage this feature. 


Creating a Video

Now that you've added the ability to record a Show Me Video to a user, using the steps above, let's review how you can record a video.


1.) Navigate to the page you'd like to create a end-user video for


2.) Click the Show Me Video icon (example in screenshot is within Compensation)



3.) Within the pop up, click 'Start Recording'


4.) Go through Java verification steps & accept pop up requests for the Java application


5.) Proxy in as an end-user using the Proxy Now drop down. Tip: This is an important step as you are likely showing an end user how to perform a task, so your view should be what they see as an end user.



6.) Once you have the view you'd like to record, ensure your audio is working properly (local microphone), and click the red circle to begin. 


7.) End the recording, verify that you are satisfied with the screen capture, and click done.


8.) After allowing the recording to convert, you'll be able to set the title and description of the video.


9.) After clicking 'make this video public to others', your video can now be accessed by end users by them clicking the same Show Me Video icon that you used to record.


Recording Multiple Videos In Different Locations

Once you've successfully completed the steps above, you'll likely see other topics in your application that would also benefit from a Show Me Video! You can record a new Show Me Video on each unique URL within the SuccessFactors application.*


*The easiest way to determine if a page can have its own independent Show Me Video is to proxy in as an end user and see if the Show Me Video icon is displayed. As explained below, the video icon will only show to end users if an administrator has recorded and published the video.


Tip: If there is an area in the application that shares a video but are technically different sub-processes, you may consider making sure the central video covers both topics and explaining the segmentation of content in the video's description.


Tip: Visibility of the Video Icon

In all pages that there is a Show Me icon apparent to the permissioned Show Me Author, they can create a video. Thus if a Show Me Video has not been created on a page, a video icon will be visible to the Show Me Video author, but not an end user.


Once you create a Show Me Video and mark it as public,  end users can see the show me icon and review the video on this page. If on this page, no video is published, end users cannot see the show me icon


End users will be see something like the below whenever they access a page that has a Show Me Video uploaded.



The video icon is usually in the top-right corner of the page, but in some cases, like the home page pictured below, it is in the header.



This update is available to both Enterprise and Professional Edition customers

Prerequisites & Limitations:

  • V12 Revolution UI* 
  • OneAdmin self-help tools activated*
  • Available for all SuccessFactors products except for Jam and Learning.
  • There is a limit of one Show Me Video per page

*Transition is complimentary; contact Customer Success for next steps.
**Show Me videos cannot be embedded in Analytics, Learning, or Jam pages as of the February 2014 release.

Tip: End User License Agreement  

In order to utilize the “Show Me” video technology, a user must understand the below concepts and must agree to the datacenter structure outlined below. Please read the information below for additional detail.

Where is the Recording Technology Hosted?
The Show Me video feature utilizes a proprietary screen-capture technology provided by the SuccessFactors Media Service.

This Media Service technology, which allows customers to record Show Me videos, is hosted on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) within SuccessFactors European datacenter (DC12) in Rot, Germany.

Where are Show Me Videos hosted?
Recorded Show Me videos are stored on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) within SuccessFactors European datacenter (DC12) in Rot, Germany. Because this data may be stored outside of a customer’s geographical region, assuming they are not located in Germany, administrators must accept the End User Agreement when enabling the Show Me feature.


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