2104613 - Offer Letters - Recruiting Management

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2104613 - Offer Letters - Recruiting Management


Feature Summary
The Offer Letter feature allows a recruiting user to select a pre-built template, update the contents and generate a letter containing offer details and language for use in negotiating and finalizing offer terms with a candidate.
Quick Facts

  • The Offer Letter Portlet cannot be configured or permissioned to hide it from view for selected operators
  • The offer-letter-fields element should not be used in the Requisition XML when offer approval is turned on or there may be errors on the offer letter page
  • The position of any reportable custom fields should not be changed or it can cause offer letter tokens saved in an offer letter template to render the incorrect value



  1. Setting up Offer Letter templates
    See the Manage Offer Letter Templates article.
  2. Permissioning the Offer Letter feature to operators
    Permissions for operator to launch offer letters and in which status of application it will be permissioned are configured in the Requisition XML. First enablement of the feature might require Professional Services engagement to determine the exact configuration based on the customer needs.
  3. Creating Offer Letters
    After configuring the offerLetter feature permission, the Offer drop down appears in the Application record toolbar and Offer Letter will appear as an option, depending on the status it was permissioned in the Requisition XML.


When selected, you will be directed to the Offer Letter page. The first offer letter template in the list will


You can change the offer language and refine the contents of the letter to their satisfaction. If desired,
attachments can be added to the offer letter using the “Attach a document” link at the bottom of the page.


4. Previewing Offer Letters
After setting up the offer letter to your satisfaction, click the “Next Step” button.



Offer Letter Configuration

  • A preview page loads, with the tokens populated. If the value for the field associated to the token is blank,
  • the token will remain as a reminder to the user that it should be manually replaced or the data should be
  • filled into the field before generating a letter.



5. Distributing Offer Letters

Distributing Offer Letters

There are four methods of distributing offer letters to a candidate and/or recording offer letter activity to
the Application record.

  •  Email as PDF attachment
    When this option is selected, the user is brought to an email screen to send the candidate an email. The
    offer letter as a PDF document and any attachments on the offer letter are attached to this email.
  • Email as text
    When this option is selected, the user receives a warning/confirmation screen. If the user chooses to
    proceed, an email is sent to the candidate containing the offer letter text, including any attachments to the
    offer letter.



Email as Text Confirmation

  • Print
    When this option is selected, the system will prompt the user to download or save a PDF copy of the
    offer letter.
  • Verbal Offer
    When this option is selected, the system will only record the offer letter but will not send it to the
    When any option is selected, it becomes greyed out and cannot be re-selected unless the offer letter is regenerated.
    This is to prevent accidentally distributing the offer letter multiple times.


When any option is selected, the system records the user, date and timestamp, and offer letter contents
including attachments and (if PDF) email, in the Offer Letter Portlet on the applicant’s record for compliance


Offer Letter History




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