2104424 - Connect to LMS stage instance via Plateau Report Designer

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2104424 - Connect to LMS stage instance via Plateau Report Designer


Plateau Report Designer (PRD) is a client tool which enables admin users to create custom reports for use within LMS itself.

For hosted customers we provide VJDBC url for connecting to LMS stage or sandbox instances only. Please create an incident with CS requesting VJDBC access for your instance.

Note that policy states that no clients can directly access their production database.  This is a policy that CS cannot change.


  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions
  • Plateau Report Designer (PRD) 


  1. Launch your locally installed instance of PRD.
  2. In PRD, select File > New > New Report.
  3. Change File Name if necessary and then click Finish button.
  4. Right click on Data Sources in Outline panel and then select New Data Source.
  5. Select option Create from a data source type in the following list, and then select JDBC Data Source.
    =>In the Data Source Name box, type a name that will help you remember the source, such as the customer’s name (CompanyXYZ).
  6. Click Next .
  7. Enter the following info:
    • Driver Class: de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDriverBirtWrapper (v1.6)
    • Driver URL:  jdbc:vjdbc:servlet:https://<CompanyXYZ>-stage.plateau.com/vjdbc/vjdbc,db10g
      =>Please replace <CompanyXYZ> with your Tenant ID.
      =>Generally, Tenant ID could be found from SuccessFactors Learning stage instance URL like "https://<CompanyXYZ>-stage.plateau.com/learning/admin/nativelogin.jsp".
    • User Name:  Administrators must use an Admin ID that has the REPORT_DEVELOPER role assigned to it.
      =>If this role doesn't exist in your SuccessFactors Learning instance, please create an incident to support.
    • Password:  The password to be used here is the administrator's password for the account used in "user name" field.
  8. Click button Test Connection.


NOTE: VJDBC connections are given to only one stage or test instance per customer.


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