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  • Success Academy's Cloud Learning Center enables you to easily learn about SuccessFactors products! By putting world class training sessions at your fingertips, you can learn how to administer your investment in SuccessFactors like never before!



  • Platform Services & Tools


Key Benefits

  • Globally Friendly Trainings

By their nature, these guided trainings can be accessed by customers all around the world! 

  • Task Specific Trainings

​Instead of attending a generalized overview of an entire product, you may just want to learn about a sub process or task within a certain module. 

  • Increased Understanding

Make sure you are getting the most from your investment by learning about the products that drive your business.

Key Definitions

Learning Plan - Composition of courses (classes) related to the same or similar topic. I.E. the Compensation Learning Plan. 

Courses - Courses are subtopics that together create a Learning Plan; there might be 2-8 courses within a Learning Plan. 

Using the Cloud Learning Center

1.) Logging into the Cloud Learning Center

    1.1) Navigate to

    2.2) Use your Community username (need help?) & the initial password ‘successacademy1013'


View access and username tips below.


2.) Overview of the Cloud Learning Center's interface!

a. My Learning Assignments gives you one-click access to previously accessed courses!

b. View courses by Learning Plan I.E. ‘Compensation’.

c. Access reporting and more information.

  • Want to take a quiz to prove you mastered a course? Here's your chance!

  • Digital Training FAQ - Learn how to use the Cloud Learning Center.  

  • Ask a Question - Have a question about the Cloud Learning Center or its content? Connect on the Customer Community! 

  • Access Reports -  Export completed courses to Excel!

  • View Learning History - An at a glance view of your completed courses. 


3.) Viewing Courses by Learning Plan

  • As an example, click on a product bundle 'Succession Management'' to learn about sub tasks and supporting concepts. 


4.) Accessing a Course Within a Learning Plan

  • Once you click a course, a pop up window will display your content! Please note that some courses have fairly substantial amounts of content, so please be patient when items are loading. 



  • Note: If you are having any issues in this step, please check two items:

1.) Ensure your browser's pop up blocker is disabled
2.) Use the step below to make sure you meet the minimum technical requirements


  • Not sure if you meet the minimum browser requirements? Please click the 'Check System' Icon on the top right of the Home Page.


5.) View a History of Completed Courses

  • Quickly see a repository of all completed courses within the Cloud Learning Center by navigating to the home page and clicking either 'View Learning History' for an at a glance view or 'Access Reports' to export completed courses to an excel sheet.



Available Courses

The Cloud Learning Center does not cover all SuccessFactors products--although Success Academy will evaluate new content additions on a quarterly basis.

The current list of courses available within the Cloud Learning Center, as of the Q3 2013, include:

Foundations Training

Contains the Foundational courses for administering all SuccessFactors modules.

  • Setting The Foundations-Introduction

  • Setting the Foundations - Customize Your Instance

  • Managing Permissions Role Based Permissions

  • Managing Permissions Standard Permissions

  • Setting the Foundations - Competencies

  • Setting the Foundations-Intro Job Aids 

  • Setting the Foundations - Customize Your Instance​ Job Aids

  • Managing Permissions Role Based Permissions Job Aids

  • Managing Permissions Standard Permissions Job Aids

  • Setting the Foundations - Competencies Job Aids


  • Compensation Project Team Orientation (PTO)
  • Compensation Administration
  • Compensation Job Aids ​

Employee Central

  • Employee Central Project Team Orientation (PTO)
  • Employee Central Administration
  • Employee Central Job Aids ​

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • LMS Project Team Orientation (PTO)

  • Learning-Administrator Introduction

  • Learning-Learning Needs Management

  • Learning-Scheduling Management

  • Learning-Online Content Management 

  • Learning-Online Exams

  • Learning-Training Evaluation

  • Learning-Online Content Management  

  • Learning-Notifications

  • Learning Management System Job Aids

  • Learning-User Side Tutorial for Users and Supervisors


Performance Management and Goal Management

  • Performance and Goal Management Project Team Orientation

  • Performance and Goals-Goal Management

  • Performance Management Series-Create and Modify Form Templates v11

  • Performance Management Series-Create and Modify Form Templates v12

  • Performance Management Series-Manage Cycle from Launch to Close

  • Performance and Goals - Calibration Administration

  • Performance and Goals - 360 Performance Reviews

  • Goal Management Job Aids

  • Managing a Performance Cycle from Launch to Close Job Aids

  • Create and Modify Performance Form Templates v11 Job Aids

  • Performance Forms v12 Job Aids

  • Calibration Job Aids

  • 360 Performance Job Aids

Succession Management

  • Succession Project Team Orientation (PTO)

  • Succession and Development-Succession Administration

  • Succession and Development-Development Administration

  • Succession and Development Job Aids

  • Succession and Development - Development Administration Job Aids 


  • Recruiting Project Team Orientation (PTO)

  • Recruiting Management Administration

  • Recruiting Marketing Administration

  • Recruiting Management Administration Job Aids

  • Recruiting Marketing Administrator Job Aids


  • Jam Administration ​

Reporting & Analytics

  • Legacy Reports Administration 

  • Legacy Using Dashboards and Reports 

  • Reporting and Talent Insights-AdHoc Report Builder 2.0  

  • Introduction to the Online Report Designer

  • Reporting Admin Job Aids

  • Reporting Dashboards Job Aids

  • Reporting Adhoc Job Aids


Boomi API Training

  • BOOMI API Configuration Training ​

Please note that you will be able to view courses related to products you may have not implemented or purchased. If you learn about a product and wish to learn more about purchasing it, please don't hesitate to reach out to your sales rep for more information.




How do I access the Cloud Learning Center?

I just registered for the Customer Community.  Why doesn't my username work?

  • Please wait about 48 hours before logging into the Cloud Learning Center with the default password successacademy1013

What will the reset password link on the Cloud Learning Center's landing page do? 

  • The password reset wizard will only reset the password related to your Cloud Learning Center. Customer Community passwords using the same username will not have their respective passwords changed.

When I click a course's description, nothing seems to happen. Any tips? 

  • If you click a course but nothing seems to happen, it is likely due to two causes:

    1.) Your pop up blocker should be set to allow pop ups 
    2.) You do not have a compatible version of Adobe Flash

    In both situations, it is easiest to let the application do a root cause analysis. Simply click the 'Check System' icon on the home page.

Which courses show up in the
Cloud Learning Center?

  • Technically, you will be able to view the entire breadth of courses available at any time.

    For a complete list of current courses, see above.

    Because of this, please understand that this means there may be courses to products you have not (yet!) purchased from SuccessFactors.

How does the 'View Learning' link on the home page do?

  • The 'View Learning' hyperlink on the home page of the Learning Center allows you to review the different courses you have completed. 

What does the 'Access Reports' link on the home page do and how is it different then the Learning link? 

  • The 'Access Reports' link allows you to export the information displayed in the 'View Learning' link into either a PDF or Excel format. Essentially, if you'd like to export training course information, use the 'Access Reports' link. For an at a glance view, or to print a certificate from a single completed course, use the 'View Learning' link. 

Can I pull a report from within 'Access Reports' for trainings completed for my entire company? 

  • No; Learning history can only be reported only at a single user level.


Looking for Personalized, Private Training?

  • If you are looking for private, personalized trainings led by a Success Academy training instructor, please click here for more information.


Have An Additional Question? 

  • SuccessFactors Administrators are encouraged to submit a Incident so Support can assist with any access issues or operational questions.
  • For content questions or future requests, please email


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