2103864 - Job Requisition Posting Audit Reports - Recruiting Management

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2103864 - Job Requisition Posting Audit Reports - Recruiting Management


  • Article explains job requisition reporting
  • When was my job requisition posted?
  • Who modified the posting on this requisition?
  • How many requisitions are currently posted externally?


  • Recruiting Management


Job Requisition Postings

  • Jobs can be posted to the Internal/External/Private, Job Boards(posted via eQuest), Job Vite, Twitter and Agencies from
    the Job Postings page.

How to View the Job posting Audit

  • Job requisition posting audit can be viewed directly by clicking on the "Info about this form" button in the "Job Postings"
    page or "Job Requisition Details" page. Clicking on this page takes you to "Job Requisition Audit" page.


Job Requisition Audit Page

  • The Job Requisition audit page has the section named "Change History". It shows the Job requisition field edits and the
    Job Requisition posting audit. It can also be filtered by choosing the respective check boxes.


Job Requisition Postings audit:

  • All the postings, un-postings, updates & post removals will be audited and it will be shown in the "Change History"
  • Note: The audit entries will be shown only for the postings for which the current logged-in user has read permission. For
    e.g. if the user do-not have permission to read/write internal postings(as configured in the Job requisition template)
    associated audits will not be displayed.


Field Description:

  • Below table details the columns and its descriptions.



Job Requisition Posting Audit - Reports

  • The Job Requisition posting audits can be generated and reported in the form of Reports.

How to generate Job requisition audit report:

  1. Goto Analytics Report builder page.
  2. Select Ad hoc reports and and specify type Recruiting V2
  3. Under "Columns" you can see the group - "JobReq Posting Audit History"

You can select all the fields or only the ones you want. The ad hoc report options allows you to use filters on the fields
as well. You can see specific field values such as all the reqs posted by userid or proxy for example.



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