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  • Can I merge duplicate candidates and keep the duplicate profile as well?
  • How to grant permissions for Manage Duplicate Candidates
  • How does the Merge Duplicate candidates feature work?


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How to grant permissions for Manage Duplicate Candidates 

Permission can be granted to an user/users to manage duplicate candidates with the help of your Implementation Partner by following the steps below:

  1. Provisioning -> Company Settings -> Enable Merge Duplicate Candidate Profiles


  1. Grant access to the feature:

a. RBP: Admin Center -> Set User Permissions -> Manage Permission Roles -> select a Role -> Permission -> Manage Recruiting -> Manage Duplicate Candidates permission -> Done

b. Non-RBP: Admin Center -> Recruiting -> Manage Recruiting Administration. Check the box Manage Duplicate Candidates and grant permission.

How does the Merge Duplicate candidates feature work?

With "Manage Duplicate Candidates" you have the option to search for and merge duplicate candidate profiles, histories, or applications into one primary profile so centralized information is available to all recruiters.

Potential Duplicate Candidate List - System identified list of potential duplicates. The system uses a combination of first name, last name and postal address to identify potential duplicates. Admins can remove matches from the list if they are not duplicates and they will not show up again in this list.

Manually Merge Duplicate Candidates - This allows an admin to type in an user names or email addresses of the 2 candidates which the admin would like to merge.

In both cases, you can see details of the 2 profiles. You can choose either one of them and make that the master profile. Once that is done, the secondary candidate profile as well as it's attachments are removed. The candidate is sent an email with the note that their duplicate profiles were merged and that they should be using the master profile to log into the system. All the applications associated with either profile are now associated with the master profile. The existing applications data will stay as-is and applications can be processed just like before.

E-Mail Notification Templates
In order to notify the candidates you must activate the Candidate Merge Notification Template.
This can be found under Admin Center > Recruiting Email Triggers.

Potential Duplicate Rules

For a particular candidate, we will search for other candidates that have the same:
• First Name
• Last Name
• City
• Country
• First 10 letters of address or phone number or first 5 digit of zip code

*The City, Address, Phone Number and Zip Code fields will be normalized to remove spaces, dashes, and periods. The reason we only compare the first 10 letters of the Address is to ignore differences such as "Lane" vs. "Ln", "Street" vs. "St", "Boulevard" vs. "Blvd", and "Avenue" vs. "Ave", etc….


1. Navigate to Admin Centre -> Manage duplicate candidates

The System will show you potential duplicate Candidates. You can also search for duplicate Candidates manually.


2. When you merge the candidates, you are then prompted to choose a Master Candidate:



  • Once you choose which candidate to become the Master Candidate, the other profile will be replaced by the Master Profile: (Please note that Internal candidates can be merged with external candidates, or externals can be merged with externals, but internals cannot be merged with internals. Also, if merging an internal and external candidate profile together, the internal candidate profile will necessarily be the master candidate and the external candidate cannot be selected as the master.)


  1. Click OK to confirm your selection. Same behavior appears for the manual merge.

Note: For instances that do not have Mobile Apply or Recruiting Marketing enabled there will also be an 'Advanced Options' tab. This will allow for phone number validation through the 'Check country code and phone number' checkbox.

Checking this option will prevent creating candidate profiles in the system, when a candidate profile with the phone country code and phone number already exists in the system. This applies when a candidate profile is being created through External Candidate View, Recruiter View, and Agency user view. It does not apply to Employee Review view.

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