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2095431 - The Options are in Greyed Out Mode When Trying to Scope or Descope Some Languages


You are not able to scope or de-scope some languages in the Additional Communication Languages Activity.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center.
  2. Select Implementation Projects View.
  3. Go to Fine tuning tab.
  4. Find the activity Additional Communication Languages.
  5. The check boxes for the languages are in grayed out mode to deselect.


The reason could be either the activity is not added to the project or the languages are selected automatically by the system according to your country selection as home country of legal entity, if you select any of this country then the language will be automatically included in the scope.

You could verify this by the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select Implementation Projects view.
  3. Click on Edit Project Scope.
  4. Go to Questions step.
  5. Expand Built-in Services and Support.
  6. Expand Business Environment.
  7. Select Addresses and Languages.
  8. Expand Languages.

Here you would be able to see the languages are marked and you cannot edit here either.

If you go down and select the Relevance tab you would be able to see because of which country selection caused the automatic selection of these languages.

If you go back to previous step Select Scenario and click on Select Scenario button for Add Country there you would be able to see the countries you selected.




This is the expected system behavior. If you do not need these countries as your logon languages or as solution languages you could de-scope the countries that caused the automatic selection of these languages.



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