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2094954 - Item Description: characters limit of 4000


When editing the item description you can only enter 4000 characters.
Once this is hit you cannot enter any more information.
Is there any way to increase this limit in configuration? Or make this an unlimited field?

When hitting the limit, the administrators will see the message "the text entered is XXXX bytes. This must be less than 4,000 bytes long".



Learning Management System (all supported versions)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to your LMS system
  2. Select Admin tab
  3. Select Learning
  4. Search for your item and open
  5. under Description: select Edit
  6. Type in 4000 characters and it will prevent any further input.


  • There was a limit of characters of 4000 on the item Description (JIRA LRN-6324).
  • This was then changed to a limit of 4000 bytes in a later release with each character including spaces equating to one byte.
  • When adding style identifiers such as Bold or Colour to the text, this adds html tags to the text in the background code which equate to extra bytes of code.


  1. Go to References > Geography > Labels
  2. Label value contains "some value"
  3. Label Type ID contains LOCALIZED
  4. Search
  5. Find the Label ID in question
  6. select Edit and you can change the items description.
  7. If you have multiple labels even after adding a label value, you could change the item description by adding 111 at the begining etc to make it unique when searching.


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SuccessFactors Learning 1207 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1210 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1302 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1305 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1308 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1311 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1405 ; SuccessFactors Learning 1408