2094780 - Sales Order Line Item Invoice Status is In Process

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2094780 - Sales Order Line Item Invoice Status is In Process


You have released the Customer Invoice, however you see that the invoice status for the relevant line item in the Sales Order is In Process instead Finished.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Sales Orders work center.
  2. Choose the Sales Order View.
  3. Choose the Sales Order XYZ.
  4. Choose the Edit button.
  5. Choose View All button.
  6. Go to Items Tab.
  7. Here under the Details tab Invoice Status is In Process. However the Invoice is created for the full amount and it is Released.


Your sales order line item is Project based and is of Item Type  Service - time and material (project) , based on actual time confirmations. It is not a fixed amount expected. The actual confirmations could be equal to or more than the planned amount in a Sales Order. Because of this reason, for Service - time and material (project) items types the Invoice Status will not changed to Finish automatically. Once all the actual are Invoiced then you have to complete the invoicing manually.

Kindly follow the below steps to finish the invoice manually.

  1. Go to Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Choose Project Invoicing view.
  3. Choose  the Sales Order sub view.
  4. Search for the corresponding Sales Order XYZ (XYZ represents the Sales Order ID which is having status as in process or not started which you want to close).
  5. Choose the corresponding Sales Order.
  6. Under below Details tab
  7. Choose the Items for which you want to finish invoicing.
  8. Here Change Status -> Finish Fulfilment/Finish Invoicing button.


System works as designed.


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