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2094242 - Photos: How to Upload and Edit Live Profile Photos (Personal Information) Single Upload, URL Import & Batch FTP Import - Employee Profile


  • Upload and Editing Live Photos.
  • In My Profile > Personal Information > You may upload a photo for every user, or reference existing photos you may have hosted externally. This article also describes the process to mass upload externally hosted photo URLs, as well as batch uploading photos via SFTP import.


SuccessFactors - Employee Profile

Reproducing the Issue

Run Live Profile Job in Provisioning


Photos Hosted by SuccessFactors

  • Employee photographs may be uploaded and stored in the SuccessFactors system. Permission to upload photos is granted just like permissions to manage data in other fields:

Security Note:

  • We understand the importance of security and privacy, especially when it comes to employee photos. Many countries have very strict laws as to how and when a photo can be stored and viewed. We take this opportunity to remind you that the SuccessFactors Application enforces the strictest security standards in the industry at every level. There is every likelihood that hosting your photos on our servers provides even stronger security than you may already have in place on you internal systems! Just remember that in your decision to use the SuccessFactors Application you have already entrusted some of the most sensitive employee data to our systems. You can be 100% confident that your photos are just as secure as the most sensitive personal, compensation or succession data you have with us!

Photos should conform to these guidelines:

  • Maximum file size: 2MB
  • File format: JPEG
  • Dimension Ratio: 3 wide by 4 high preferred

    Uploading photos is preferred for maximum compatibility with all photo-enabled features across the application.

  • Photos are stored in the same SuccessFactors database architecture that stores employee and performance information. If the customer has opted for the database encryption option, they are also encrypted. However, even without the encryption option, they are password-protected and can only be viewed by users who are logged into the application.
  • If you have edit permissions you may go to Employee Profile > Header > Edit Profile Photo

    Click the Edit icon for this section
    To add or change a photo click the Edit Photo button
    From the edit photo screen upload a photo to be stored within the SuccessFactors application  (Note: This option is for one at a time. For mass upload refer to this KBA:  2220377 - Batch Upload of Employee Photos – SFTP Import
    Select your photo from local hard-drive
    Click Submit

    Note: If you have an existing photo uploaded using option 1 described above, and then subsequently edit this from Employee Profile Profile > Header > Edit Profile Photo >


Batch photo uploading

  • The photos should be uploaded to a directory on the ftp site configured by SuccessFactors operations for use with your instance. It will typically be /photos,. As with all other photos, JPEG file format is recommended, and should adhere to the same size and dimension guidelines described above.
  • In addition, a csv file must accompany the photos to map the photo filenames to the username of the employee they correspond to. Load the csv file into the same /photos folder as the images. The csv file should be named "employee_photos_yymmdd.csv", where yymmdd is the year, month, and day that the file is loaded. The csv file should include a header of "Username" followed by "Filename". Here is an example:


  • After the upload an email will be sent to the administrator named in the scheduled task.
  • Important: at this time there is a limit of 5,000 photo files that can be processed in a single pass. If you have more than 5,000 photos to upload, make sure that they are separated into different CSV files and different scheduled uploads.




  • Convenient if you already have employee photos hosted on a web server
  • Support for PNG and GIF graphics formats (in addition to JPEG)

The same rules about photo size and ratio apply: 2MB max, 3 wide by 4 high ratio preferred.

  • Since the SuccessFactors application is always hosted on a secure server (https, not http) the photos would ideally be hosted on a secure server as well. If they are hosted on an http server, the users' browser settings may have to be modified to prevent warnings to the users about mixed content. The customer IT department should be consulted if there are questions about the photo hosting security.


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