2094232 - Multi Profile Feature in Mobile - Mobile

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2094232 - Multi Profile Feature in Mobile - Mobile


  • How can switch between multiple profiles on Mobile?
  • How to enable Multi Profile feature on mobile device?
  • This article explains about the new Multi Profile Feature on mobile.
  • This feature provides ability to have multiple users log in and log out from the SuccessFactors mobile app without the need to deactivate and reactivate the device.
  • Ability to have a single user accesses multiple SuccessFactors instances without the need to activate/reactivate the device.
  • Allows companies with multiple instances set up to connect to them all on one device
  • Allows companies who have multiple users on the same device to connect without having to activate/reactivate for every user.
  • With this feature one device can be used by multiple users and instances securely and seamlessly.



  • System Plataform - Mobile


  • Enabled on mobile devices by default. 
  • Users will Click top left menu à Settings à Multiple Profile Settings à Configure On/Off à Select My Device/Shared Device:





  • Must update to latest version of app.


Point(s) to remember:

  • There are two types of multiple profiles –
  • My Device – Example: We have two instances TEST and PRODUCTION, user ABC exists in both and hence ABC can switch between the accounts in TEST and PRODUCTION.
  • Shared Device – For customers who might have training room or have shared device (for example iPad) that is shared by multiple users to complete their training but you don’t want other people to get into other people’s profile.
  • In that case if you enable Shred Device what that will do is require an ondevice PIN feature for profile that’s on regardless if the instance having Admin enabled PIN for the mobile feature.
  • Multiple Profile settings will only be available to the first person who activates on the device. When other people activate on this device, they cannot see the settings – they cannot turn them nor turn off – they cannot do anything.
  • Only the original person who enabled the mobile settings will be able to turn it ON/OFF.





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