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  • Pixel Perfect Talent Cards.

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  • What are Pixel Perfect Talent Cards?
  • How do Pixel Perfect Talent Cards work?
  • How do you permission access to PPTC?
  • How can you get Pixel Perfect Talent Cards?
  • How do you update or enhance existing Pixel Perfect Talent Cards?


  • Employee Profile


  • Pixel Perfect Talent Cards let you create your very own custom Scorecard-like reports, where you can determine the layout of the report and the data you want to include. This means you can replicate exactly a report you already use and love or create a new dream report.

How do Pixel Perfect Talent Cards work?

  • To start, you’ll work with our Premium Reporting Services consultants to design your Talent Card layout and data content. Once your custom Talent Card is ready, it will be uploaded as a PDF file to your Employee Files page where you can find it under the new Publish tab on left side of the page. Then, whenever the data in the report is changed, you can get the updated version at any time; you won’t have to contact SuccessFactors for the latest version.
  • Pixel Perfect Talent Card: You now have the option to include data from SuccessFactors forms, such as performance review forms, 360 review forms, goal plans, and career development plans, in your Pixel Perfect Talent Cards so you can easily display more content. To do so, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to have your account updated. (AYT-5941)
  • Once your Talent Card has been created it can be created (or 'published') by a person that has been granted permissions.
To grant permissions:
  • Go to admin tools > Manage Security > Detailed Reporting Privileges
  • Select either Manage permissions through individual users.or Manage permissions through a group of users.
  • Find Users
  • For the selected User(s) grant "Detail Report" and define the population they can report on (Div, Dept Loc)
  • Enhancement: As of B1107 You now have the option to decide who can publish Pixel Perfect Talent Cards. You can allow only users who have access to the Reports tab to publish, or users who only have access to the Scorecard to publish. Previously, either tab gave the user access to publishing. To set the appropriate permissions, go to Admin Tools > Dashboard/List View/Spotlight View/Report Permission, and in the Publish Scorecard field, select the Publishing Tab Access under Publish ScoreCard checkbox. (AYT-6823)

Once permissioned it can be generated from:

  • Reports > Publishing
  • Select Filter Options, Date Options and Publisher Template
  • Click Publish Talent Card
  • Results will be available from Reports > Analytics > Scheduled Reports.

How can you get Pixel Perfect Talent Cards?

  • To get more information about using Pixel Perfect Talent Cards or Premium Reporting Services, you can contact SuccessFactors Business Transformations Services at Or you can always contact SuccessFactors Customer Success. (AYT-2654)

How do you update or enhance existing Pixel Perfect Talent Cards?

  • When you need a change made to your Pixel Perfect Talent Cards or Premium Reports please open a case with SuccessFactors Customer Success who will help to engage our  Business Transformations Services team to get your existing reports updated.


  • B1105 May 2011 You can now customize report names. (AYT-6391)

Pixel Perfect Talent Card Field Level Permissions

  • In general only the employee profile permissions are passed to the PPTC. Therefor if you develop a PPTC that pulls information from other sources please keep in mind that currently form and goal plan permissions are NOT leveraged by PPTC.  The PPTC was designed to source permissions only from the Empoyee Profile Scorecard tab directly.  There is no permission guard for data within the forms and goal plans yet. (as of B1107)


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