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2092654 - Concurrent Employment FAQ - Employee Central


“Concurrent Employments” feature allows you to create and maintain multiple employments for employees (for those employees who own more than one job/role). This feature allows you to -:

  • Manage multiple employments at one point in time:
  • Create and Terminate Concurrent Employment (CE).
  • Architecture follows a similar concept to Global Assignments (GA) feature i.e. one person ID for the employee, one user account (for the employee to log in with), multiple UserIDs (1 UserID per employment).


  • Employee Central


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How can I enable Concurrent Employments?

  • A) The feature can be enabled by following the Administration Guide for Concurrent Emploment - found here - and can be enabled via the Admin Center > Manage Emloyee Central Settings UI (no Provisioning/Back-end access required).
  • PLEASE DO NOT ENABLE DIRECTLY IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. Start by implementing in your Test/Sandbox instance to ensure you do not cause any unexpected behaviour when this is your first time enabling the feature.

2) Can we use other Biz-X Modules in conjunction with a Concurrent Employment? (PM, GM, EP etc) ?

  • A) Yes this is supported by Concurrent Employments, so Employee Profile, Goal Plans and Performance Forms can be created for the main AND concurrent employments
  • NOTE: If you are logged in / proxied in as the employee with multiple employments, you can use the switcher under the options menu at the top of ever page, to switch between employments. From the employee level, once you switch to an employment, all pages selected (Goals, Performance, Employee Files) will display data relative to the selected employment


3) How do I look at the different employments for an employee?

  • A) Switching between Employments using the UI switcher - For employees with two employments (due to the UserID that is created per employment) each Employment will appear as an employee on its own. EC connects both employments together by a “switcher” in the UI. From the other components only EP has such a “switcher” which consists of a dropdown to switch between the different employments



4) Can I Terminate the Main employment and continue to manage the employee using one of their other employments?

  • No. It is not be possible to terminate the initial/main employment (i.e. the employment to which the users account is attached to) and continue maintaining any other employment. So either all employments need to be terminated or only employment that were not the initial employments.
  • If you do need to terminate the Initial employment, instead you will need to transfer the employee's main employment to the new job role, and then End/Terminate the other employment that is to become the main employment

5) How do I search for multiple employments for one user?

  • The search (People Search as wel as My Employee Files Search) will consolidate all employments for that employee (i.e. show only one hit no matter how many employments an employee has) 
  • As a consequence, the user always navigates to the employee’s initial employment in My Employee Files > Employment Information to be able to look at the different assignments.

6) What happens if I want to Terminate the employee (all employments) and I have Approval Workflows for Terminations configured?

  • It is advisable to first terminate all of the Concurrent Employments (meaning make sure the Termination workflows are approved and the employments terminated/ended). Always terminate the Main employment last!
  • In case all employments will be terminated one Workflow will be triggered per employment. Both approvals are completely independent from each other. The approvers have no information about the other approval. We cannot prevent a situation in which one employment termination is rejected and the others approved.

7) How will Employee Profile pages work - will there be Background/Trend data per employment or only one?

  • Employee Profile will display the EP related content according to the employment selected in the switcher.

8) How do I Rehire an employee with multiple employments?

  • The employee can only be rehired by re-activating the employee’s initial employment. I.e., you cannot select any of the other Concurrent Employments to rehire from, you must select the original employment to process the Rehire.


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