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2091975 - Link(s) within E-mail Notification(s) are not functional while on SSO - SuccessFactors BizX Suite


  • We are not able to click/access links within E-mail Notifications. 
  • Links in notifications received via email prompt user to enter credentials (username and password).
  • Unable to access links in emails.
  • Emails are not working.
  • Dynamic deep links are not working.


  • SuccessFactors BizX suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. User is not logged into BizX via SSO.
  2. When they click on a link within email notification received from SuccessFactors - Example: Document Creation Notification.
  3. Instead of directing the user to the destination Page, they would be taken either to the SuccessFactors login page or another page different from the expected page the link in email was pointing to. 


This issue is likely to be caused due to the following:

  • This happens when your BizX instance is set up with SSO and the user is not logged into BizX (or authenticated at the IDP).
  • The SuccessFactors application sends out automated email notifications for form creations, updates and other events. These emails normally contain links that allow the user to login to the form directly without landing on the Home page first. Since SSO requires the user to login using the customer created SSO login process, this deep links don't work and therefore end user(s) are directed to an unexpected page.


We Support Two options for dealing with email links while on SSO - Dynamic Deep links

1.     Standard Emails with IDP Redirect or SP

  1. With this option, the customer doesn’t need to change our default email links.
  2. The users will be able to get to the specific resources the email links point to.
  3. The customer needs to provide SuccessFactors with a URL value that we configure as the SSO  URL for Deeplink IDP Login redirect
  4. The link (that customers provide to SuccessFactors) needs to enable the user to login to SuccessFactors using SSO. In other words, customer needs to provide us the internal URL they use to start their SSO logins to us.
  5. We recommend that it’s a page where the user stops and selects a link, rather than just sending them back to SuccessFactors automatically. Here is how this process works.
  6. If a user is already logged in to SuccessFactors and clicks on an email link, the link will open and show them their resource.
  7. If the user is not logged in to SuccessFactors and clicks on an email link, their login will fail. We will set a cookie storing the email resource details in their browser. We redirect the customer to the  Deeplink IDP Login redirect. They perform whatever action the customer requires on this page to login to SuccessFactors using SSO. As long as this action is taken within five minutes of the initial failure, they will get logged in to the email resource. If the login happens after five minutes, they will go to the home page.

Note: Cookie must be enabled in the browser.

To opt this option, please create support incident with Cloud Product Support and provide us the internal URL users use to start their SSO logins to us (SuccessFactors).

2.     Modify Emails to point to generic SSO logins

  1. With this option form links in emails should be replaced with the generic link to the customers SSO login process. The system administrator for your SuccessFactors application should change all email links that look like below to something appropriate for their specific SSO setup:

             You can access this document at the following URL: [[DOC_ACCESS_URL]]


            You can access the PerformanceManager at the following URL: [[LOGIN_URL]]


If you are facing issues with Learning Management System (LMS) email notification links, please refer for the following articles:

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  • SSO stands for Sngle Sign On
  • IDP stands for Identity Provider
  • deeplinking
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