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  • What is Scheduled Job Reporting Tool?
  • How to Enable Scheduled Job Reporting Tool?
  • How to grant permission to monitor Scheduled Jobs in RBP as well as in Non RBP Instance?
  • What all can be viewed via Scheduled Job?
  • Can we re-submit failed Jobs?


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1. What is Scheduled Job Reporting Tool?

Scheduled Job Reporting Tools allows customers to self-serve and re-run / re-submit certain jobs in Admin Tools. The tool supports reporting on the success/failures of scheduled jobs. Detail on these job types and failure types is provided later in the document.

2. How to Enable Scheduled Job Reporting Tool?

Turning on the Scheduled Job Reporting tool will require the customer to work with their PS or CS representative. The customer will need to request access to the tool or CS/PS will need to suggest it.

 Support Staff instructions:

  • In Provisioning, go to Customer’s Instance, Click on Company Settings and turn on “Customer Performance Reporting” and scroll up and click Save Feature.

3.  How to grant permission to monitor Scheduled Jobs in RBP and in Non RBP Instance?

  • In RBP, Go to the Manage Permission Roles -> Select Roles -> Click on Permission -> Scroll to the bottom and click on Customer Performance Reporting and choose “Scheduled Jobs”, Click done and then save the changes.


  • For NON-RBP Instance, then Go to Admin Tools-> Click Administrative Privileges under Manage Security->Search for the User/group->and scroll to the left till the end and put a check on Customer Performance Reporting and then Save it.


3.       How to access Scheduled Jobs in Admin Tools?

To access the Scheduled Jobs ->Go to the Admin Tools and search for “Scheduled Job” or Click on Company Settings -> Scheduled Job.


4.       What all can be viewed via Scheduled Job?

Once you have opened Scheduled Job, you will see a page where you can view Scheduled Jobs. Here you can filter by:

  •  Job Status (e.g., Completed, Failed)
  •  Date Range

You will see the following detail for each scheduled job:

  • Job Name
  • Job Owner
  • Job Type
  • Status
  • Submission Date-Time
  • Status (Failed / Completed) Date-Time

NOTE: Current support is only for FTP / SFTP jobs.


 5.        Can we re-submit failed Jobs?

Yes, users will have the ability to click on a button to re-submit a failed job in the far left-hand column.

NOTE: The ability to re-submit is limited to FTP / SFTP jobs, as noted above. Additionally, there is no option to re-submit jobs that are: "In Progress", "Completed", "Recovered", or "Interrupted." If a job is re-submitted (e.g., manually re-run through the tool), its status will be listed as “Recovered” and that job will not be eligible for re-submission again.


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