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  • Article on mass uploading job descriptions (Skills).
  • We currently update our Job Description content using the admin tools webpage (UI). This is suitable for when we need to make changes to a small number of Job Descriptions, but for large numbers of updates is there a way to mass upload new job descriptions?


  • Job Description Manager


  • First let us provide some common terminology:

Job Description:

  • Also referred to as Performance Profile. A Job Description is a summary of the key features of a job including specifics such as essential functions, educational requirements, minimum work experience, work environment, etc. Therefore there is no 1 file for a Job Description, rather it is a collection of variables relevant to a jobcode, and so although there is no one-file-per-job description, you can mass upload each element using .csv files.


Job Role:

  • A means of identifying roles within an organization that share common skill sets. (Example: A Medical Assistant, Nurse's Aide, and Patient Care Assistant, may all share a common role under the Clinical Job Family.)



  • In the SuccessFactors JDM module skills are the content used to build the components and details of the Job Description such as Job Responsibilities, Educational Requirements, Work Environment, etc.


Skills Library:

  • This is where we store the Job Description content; Similar to the Competency Library where we store the competencies.
  1. A content library to store the job description content.
  2. For example, a usual Job Description has Job Summary, Job Responsibilities, Education, Physical Requirements sections.
  3. All this content can be stored in the Skills Library.
  4. The content is categorized based on the type of content.
  5. For example, Physical Requirements content is stored as Skills of type, Physical Requirements.
  6. There are 9 pre-defined categories that can be leveraged for storing the job description content. The category names can be customized.
  7. You can load the content into the Skills Library through import templates or you can do it through Admin UI.
  • Therefore, based on the above factors, the main task to build a Job Description is to import the Skills Library content. Depending on the changes needed and your knowledge of these features you may need additional assistance from Customer Success.
  • Log in to Admin Tools
  • Find "Managing Competencies or Skills." There are a few areas you will use to mass import your data.
    • Competency Libraries
    • Skill Libraries
    • Import New Competencies Library
    • Import New Skills Libraries
  • There are a number of considerations when formatting these imports. We recommend that you contact Customer Success for help in creating your files. Customer Success will not typically import any client data, but they can certainly help instruct you on how to create and validate the files for importing. Below are guidelines for formatting files used in Job Descriptions.


JDM: Data Imports:

  • You can now include Family and Role Mappings as part of your inin scheduled import files. (JDM-444)


Manage Competencies:

  • Now when your import file contains duplicate roles, the system will load the first occurrence of the role and notify you of which rows have duplicate roles. You can then decide if you want to remove the duplicates and reload the file. (JDM-528)


Skill Library CSV Formats 

System Field

Skill Type

Category Name

Skill Name

Skill Description

Skill GUID

Skill Locale









<skill _guid>



Reviewable for responsibility




Skill Summary


Job Summary


Cerical Lab Tasks


Performs a variety of clerical and technical tasks associated with the pre and post-analytic laboratory work.


Unique id of the competency







Skill (except Responsibilities) to role mapping

System Field

Job Family Name

Role Name

Skill Library Name

Category Name

Skill Name


Skill type





















Job Summary

(not Job Responsibility)


Clerical and technical lab tasks l



Competency to role mapping:


System Field

   Job Family Name     

 Role Name  

    Competency Library Name 

       Category Name

   Competency Name

     Expected Rating

    Weight %

   Competency Id

   Proficiency Level






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