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2091605 - Common Terms Used In the JDM Process - JDM


  • Glossary of Terms for JDM.


  • Job Description Manager



  • A basic ability an employee must have in order to perform their role within the organization successfully.


Competency Library:

  • The area in SuccessFactors where competencies are stored and maintained.


Competency Mapping:

  • The process of associating specific competencies with job roles to ensure that every employee in that role is evaluated on the same criteria during the performance review process.



  • (F) Job Family Expert. This person is defined in admin tools > Families and Roles > Create New Family or Edit Existing Family > From where you can enter Family Name as well as Job Family Expert.
    Note: the role "F" for JD should not be confused with the role "F" we also use in the product for PM forms and goal plans which stands for the Form Reviewer.


Job Description:

  • Also referred to as Performance Profile. A summary of the key features of a job including specifics such as essential functions, educational requirements, minimum work experience, work environment, etc.


Job Family:

  • A grouping of jobs involving work of a similar broad nature or functional area of responsibility but most likely with different skill sets. (Example: Clinical, Administration, Operations, etc. or you can parse Job Families down another level such as: Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology, etc.)


Job Role:

  • A means of identifying roles within an organization that share common skill sets. (Example: A Medical Assistant, Nurse's Aide, and Patient Care Assistant, may all share a common role under the Clinical Job Family.)



  • In the SuccessFactors JDM module skills are the content used to build the components and details of the Job Description such as Job Responsibilities, Educational Requirements, Work Environment, etc.


Skill Library:

  • The area in SuccessFactors where skills (job description content) are stored and maintained.


Employee Job Data:

  • The components of a Job Description and Job Role that are associated with an employee.



  • The originator role (O) is the person (such as E EM EH etc) that had permission to create a first version and is the one to trigger the origination of the first version. For example, if Grant Privileges for creating the first version: E EH EM and the first person to click on Performance Profile for a user was EH, then EH now becomes by definition the O.


Performance Profile:

  • The combination of Job Description and Job Competencies that are built within the JDM tool to create overall profile for the employee.


Performance Profile:

  • See Job Description.


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