2091023 - Creative solution for automatically feeding your jobs to Twitter - Recruitment Marketing

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2091023 - Creative solution for automatically feeding your jobs to Twitter - Recruitment Marketing


  • Recruiting- or Corporate-focused Twitter feeds often, in the long run, lack the content and updates that create great followers, re-tweets, or the initial social media/marketing presence they were designed to generate. Automatically feeding your jobs from the Recruitment Marketing Platform "beefs up" your new Twitter account and brings in automatic content that is a great foundation for the Twitter account, as well as generating new visitors, members and applies from some of the web's savviest users.

     All the steps and procedures in this solution are completely free.


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  • This  solution involves several steps, including the utilization of a third-party tool, to automatically tweet your jobs from the Recruitment Marketing Platform out to your new Twitter account.

    First, determine what jobs you want to tweet. This is a fairly strategic decision.
  • All jobs: From your RMP Home page, perform a keyword search for the term "jobs". On the Search Results page, select the RSS Feed icon: rss-icon.png
  • This opens up the page that has the actual RSS feed of all jobs. Copy the URL in your browser, and save that for now.
  • Jobs from a Strategy, Support, or SEO page: From your RMP Home page, navigate to the Talent Landing Page that you want to distribute to Twitter. There, click the RSS Feed icon, and copy the URL from your browser.
  • A custom selection of jobs: Via the Client Dashboard (http://clients.jobs2web.com), you can select Jobs > RSS. There you can enter in a specific keyword search term to create an RSS feed against.
  • Enter in a campaign term "("Twitter") to be able to track the visitors from this Twitter campaign.
  • You can then use a specific type of date to attach next to the jobs in this RSS Feed. If you need more information on dates and their meaning, see this solution article here.
  • You can sort these jobs in the RSS feed based on relevancy (most relevant jobs first) or on the selected date (latest jobs first)
  • Finally, you can also determine how many jobs you want in this RSS Feed. You can select 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or 500 jobs.
  • Then click 'Preview RSS Feed' to confirm this generated the feed as desired, and then if correct, click 'Copy RSS URL to clipboard'.
    Second, setup a Twitterfeed account, a 3rd-party tool that will automatically tweet your jobs.
  • Navigate to Twitterfeed, and create and account (http://twitterfeed.com/).
  • Once created, click 'Create New Feed'. Name the feed appropriately (Job Feed to Twitter) and paste in the saved URL from step one.
  • Select 'Advanced Settings'.
  • Here, you can modify multiple settings that will impact the presentation of these jobs:
  • Update Frequency: You can determine how frequently and how many jobs are sent to your Twitter account. Space this out as you desire.
  • Post Content: You can modify what content is actually tweeted over, and how the call-to-action button is styled (typically this is a shortened URL, like a bit.ly URL).
  • Post Sorting: Set this to be "GUID" so that it checks against all jobs in the Twitterfeed when it is posting.
  • Post Suffix: If desired, you can add a suffix to each post ("#jobs") to make this tweet appear in larger conglomerations of content or data.
  • From here, hit "Continue to Step 2".

    The third and final step is validating your Twitter account so Twitterfeed can automatically post these jobs.
  • Login to your Twitter account and validate your username and password. Note that you can also post these automatically send these jobs over to Facebook, LinkedIn, and App.net!
  • Once validated, your jobs should be posting within the selected interval. Congratulations, you've setup an automatic twitter feed, generating visitors, talent community members, and applies to your site completely free!


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