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2090989 - Error - How to determine Error Codes and Your Server Instance - Recruitment Marketing


  • The Recruiting Marketing Platform operates off a system that can deliver information about errors and about what server instance of RMK you are accessing, if you go to the right URLs and view the data correctly. This can be critical in determining the root cause and timeframe of impact for some issues, and in some cases will be steps that the Support Delivery team will ask you to go through.



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Error Codes



  • The "Oops, an unepected error has occurred" page is the standard, system-wide error page for RMK. This is a severe error page that the RMP serves up, and has a lot of information on it (though it may not seem like it at first). Please take the following steps for the Customer Success team to investigate:


1. Stop what you are doing in that tab/window immediately. Your candidates are also likely impacted by this issue, and a case needs to be submitted to the SF RMK team to investigate this issue.

2. Right-click anywhere on the page and select "View source" or "View page source"

3. Select all content on that page, and copy it.

4. Paste the content into a .TXT or .DOC file.

5. Open a case for the Recruitment Marketing Platform, attaching the newly created file, and giving steps to replicate this issue in your customer instance.

  • From there, the Customer Success team will investigate the issue with the provided data and return a root cause and resolution for the issue.


Server Instance

  • One other way to determine additional information for the Support Delivery team is to isolate what RMK server you are one. RMK operates off of multiple servers in a datacenter, as the number of visitors and internal users requires parallel, linked machines for it to continue to run smoothly. Occasionally, one of these servers can stray from standard configuration or may be experiencing issues, while the others are not.
  1. To locate what server instance you are on, go to the Home page of your RMK site
    1. ​For SuccessFactors, that is
    2. Usually, this URL is structured like or
  2. Now, in the URL, add this content without the quotes: "/?job=v.summary"
    1. For SuccessFactors, your URL should now be
  3. Select all the content there (Ctrl-A), copy it (Ctrl-C), and now in a separate window open up Microsoft Word.
  4. In here, paste the content (Ctrl-V)
  5. Save the document, and you can now use this as an attachment to indicate what RMK server you were on when you experienced an error.


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