2090962 - Subdomain setup - Recruiting Marketing

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2090962 - Subdomain setup - Recruiting Marketing


  • A subdomain is an online Web site URL, like http://jobs.successfactors.com, where the Recruiting Marketing module will reside online. This is a three-step process: creating the subdomain, certifying the subdomain, and finally pointing the subdomain to RMK.


  • Recruiting Marketing


Creating and directing a subdomain

  • Set up a sub-domain in your DNS server with your preferred name, a CNAME is preferred
    Add a CNAME record for <Insert sub-domain> to <Insert Index name>.jobs2web.com

    *Note: Single Sign On functionality for RX customers will not work properly unless the subdomain has been set up using a CNAME, and the Customer DNS points to <Insert Index name>.jobs2web.com. Both the SAP and the Customer’s DNS must point to a concatenation of the customer’s Index name (found in RMK Command Center > Site > Site Setup > Info and .jobs2web.com (example: “indexname.jobs2web.com”).   If this is not set up correctly on both the SAP and customer’s side,the site will not show up on the internet when pushed to production.

  • Creating a subdomain creates the online Web site where the new Recruiting Marketing platform will reside. 


  •  “jobs” is the subdomain, and“customername.com” is a domain that your company owns. We recommend use of “careers” or “jobs” as the subdomain for search engine optimization and candidate experience reasons, but any subdomain may be used.
  •  On the Recruiting Marketing side, we create our own subdomain of


  • This is the subdomain where the RMK platform will reside on SuccessFactors servers.

Certifying the subdomain

  • Recruiting Marketing also generates a Certificate Signing Request for the enablement of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on the Recruiting Marketing site. This feature is strongly recommended to ensure candidate data is being passed to the RMK site securely, and furthermore is a requirement for many Recruiting Execution features like Candidate Single Sign-On. The customer will sign this request with the assistance of their IT team, and deliver this back to the Recruiting Marketing team. 


Pointing the subdomain

  • The customer then will then point the newly-created and certified subdomain to a CNAME to an IP address. This IP address is advised and provided as part of the certification process.
  • In the event that a CNAME or SSL connections are not possible, the RMK team can advise of alternative subdomain or domain setups for the RMK site. 


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