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2090943 - A job is not appearing on the right landing or category page. How can I manually correct this? - Recruiting Marketing:


  • Category pages are usually built with broad or iron-clad rules to ensure that the right jobs get on the right landing pages. But occasionally, a job may run afoul of the rules that have been created and may not be appearing on that one critical landing page that it needs to be on. While the rule can be updated to try and bring that job onto the page, there's also a manual workaround that can be used to correct this situation, as well as to potentially let your recruiters cross-post jobs on multiple landing pages.
  • Say, for example, you have a job titled 'Instructional Designer Job' that is not appearing on your 'Human Resources Jobs' page. Instructional Designer is an HR job, and is a role that is built to support trainers as well as recruiters. But the job is not appearing on the right page!

  • In this case, the issue may be as simple as the rule for the Human Resources Jobs page looking for specific titles; for example, for 'Recruiter' and 'Sourcer' but not Instructional Designer. Or, perhaps Instructional Designer has a category of 'Operations', and the Human Resources Jobs page is looking for all jobs with a category of 'Human Resources'.

  • At any rate, you can follow the below steps to bypass the automated rule system and manually post jobs to where they need or are desired to be.


  • Recruiting Marketing


  1. Navigate to
  2. Login to the Dashboard
  3. Select Jobs
  4. In ‘Job ID’, enter in the req ID you want to put on a page and hit ‘Go’
  5. Now, select the job that appears in the search results
  6. Select ‘Job Categories’, a tab at the top
  7. In this screen select ‘Edit Job’ button in the top right-hand corner
  8. In the ‘Search Available Categories’ area, start to type in the category page name (this is just a basic text filter)
  9. Now, in the ‘Available Categories’ area, you can select, multi-select (shift-select) and specific-select (ctrl-select) and then drag then into the ‘Manual Categories’ area to the left
  10. Then, hit ‘Save Changes’
  11. Hit ‘OK’; the job should appear momentarily after its brief maintenance cycle completes


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