2090938 - Facebook API changes impacting Rx Employee Referral and Rx socialmatcher implementations - Recruiting Marketing

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2090938 - Facebook API changes impacting Rx Employee Referral and Rx socialmatcher implementations - Recruiting Marketing


  • Based on recent changes with the Facebook API, all implementations of Social Matcher and Rx Employee Referral should be put on hold, effective Aug 1st, 2014. Recruiting Product Management will alert internal teams when these features can again be included with new site implementations. Expect a course of action by Q4 2014.


    What’s happening now?

    • Facebook has restricted the ability for 3rd party applications to access “friend list” data.  This change forces Social Matcher and Rx Employee Referral to only limited data.

    • Public APIs with open permissions are going away.  Formal partnerships will be necessary for all new social integrations.

    • All vendors have access to the same API permissions.  SAP is not being treated differently than other vendors in the marketplace.

    • Features that require data only available in Facebook API version 1.0 are being removed from new SAP Recruiting implementations.


    Facebook API Status

    • On April 30th, 2014, Facebook upgraded to version 2.0 of their Graph API.  This upgrade has significantly impacted the way 3rd party applications can display Facebook user data.

    • API version 2.0 significantly restricts the data that is available to 3rd party applications. SAP does not have control over the accessibility of publicly available API permissions.

    • Version 1.0 of the Facebook Graph API has been in use by our application for approximately the past three years. It allows SAP Recruiting to access user and connection data that has been available in Social Matcher, Rx Employee Referral, and Apply with Facebook.


    The specific change that was made is focused on how Facebook connections are displayed in 3rd party applications.  Facebook outlines details in the changelog for API v2:


    • “Friend list is no longer part of the default permission set and has its own permission: Asking for access to a person's friend list is now a separate permission that your app must request. The new permission is called user_friends.
    • Friend list now only returns friends who also use your app: The list of friends returned via the /me/friends endpoint is now limited to the list of friends that have authorized your app.”
    • “Apply with Facebook”  is still a recommended configuration option for all clients.  API permissions were not restricted for the user that is actively authorizing with Facebook.


    Known Limitations

    • All "friends" of authorized users cannot be automatically displayed inside of Social Matcher and Rx Employee Referral.  The ability to openly access 3rd party connections has been removed as of April 30th, 2014.  

    • Client API credentials created before April 30th, 2014 have until April 30th 2015 to transition to the new API version.


    What’s not impacted?

    • Social sharing will always be available on client career sites.  Client specific API credentials are not required to enable social sharing functionality.

    • Apply with Facebook
    • Clients that have API keys created before April 30th, 2014 will not be impacted until April 30th, 2015. We will be working on a process to deal with existing clients that have Social Matcher and Rx Employee Referral.


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