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2090241 - Configuring and Using Auto-Save - BizX Platform


  • Auto-Save:

    • PM V11 and below does not have real time auto save.
    • PM V12 and above will auot save every 5 seconds.
    • The current exception to auto save is PM V12 which does have an active auto save function and will save changes every 5 seconds so long as typing activity is detected. Therefore when entering data within a PM v12 form there is a greatly reduced chance that a person will lose information as currently can happen in other forms if a person does not correctly save before closing the form.


    • The following information is mainly for PM v11 and below.
    • The SuccessFactors Application does not require any configuration to enable auto-saving of data. By default the system will ALWAYS perform an auto-save on timeout. Because of this, there is rarely ever data lost due to time-out, so long as no other network issue prevents the action from completing.
    • Note: The Auto Save feature within the SuccessFactors application is different in nature to the auto save you may be familiar with in applications such as MS Word and Outlook, which is typically done every few minutes locally. Most pages within the SuccessFactors are not actively auto saving data until the user clicks save, or when a session reaches timeout. For any save to be successful, since it is saving information externally from your PC, it requires an authenticated connection to be successful.


    • Recommendation: Many clients use the feature on form templates Form Timeout Alert: On(5min/10min/15min). With this enabled your user MUST physically click the SAVE button when the alert pops up. So if they walk away from their desk and do not, then there is the risk data will be lost. If you want to ensure the auto-save works when people may forget to click this alert, then setting Form Timeout Alert: to NONE will ensure that the auto-save occurs even if the person is not at their desk when the system times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. There will be no alert, but autosave will occur if you are still connected to SuccessFactors.



  • Enable Auto Logout at Session Timeout

    1) Click on "Admin Tools"
    2) Click on "Form Templates" from "Form Template Administration"
    3) Click the Form Template Name you'd like to edit
    4) Choose a value from the "Form Timeout Alert (minutes prior to end of session)" drop-down
    5) Check the box next to "Enable Auto Logout at Session Timeout"
    6) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Update Form Template"

    Auto Logout does not enable auto-save, as again that is always on by default, but it will make sure that on time-out, the user is automatically taken back to the login page, as opposed to leaving them on the current page, which at times gives the impression you are still logged in.



  • What Counts As Activity?

    • The 30 minute timeout countdown begins and is reset with each server interaction, such as typing or clicking the Save button. You'll know that your work session expired if a popup warning message or your login page suddenly appears on your screen.
    • Multiple Browser Sessions: You should not open SuccessFactors in multiple browser windows as inactivity in other browser sessions could result in data loss if that browser session times-out at 30mins which then can log you out in other windows. To avoid this do not have the SuccessFactors Application open in multiple windows.



  • What is NOT considered a time out issue (a.k.a. being kicked out)

    • A common misconception users of the SuccessFactors Application have is mistaking time out with being 'kicked out' of a session. The SuccessFactors Application always faithfully times each users session to 30 minutes and will not log you out until this time has elapsed. When a user clicks on a button, tries to save, or click some other link and finds themselves directed to the login page before 30 minutes has elapsed (sometimes very soon after logging in - being kicked out) this indicates a network connectivity issue and possibly an invalid browser session issue, NOT a time out.
    • As the SuccessFactors Application is a secure application, it validates the users session on each server interaction (such as clicking any button or link). If the users browsers session information is invalid, or there is some unexpected network connectivity issue, then our system will detect that the session is now invalid, and for security reasons will redirect the user to the login page. It will not save information as again, the system detects the users session as invalid preventing a successful save. Please work with your IT department if users regularly see this type of behavior. Your IT may want to review browser settings, or possible 3rd party security plugins you might have that might be interferring with maintaining valid browser sessions for these users.


    "web page expired" Message

    • Users should not use the back button within the SuccessFactors Application, especially from within forms they have not saved, as trying to navigate to a previous page will result in data loss and the user seeing "web page expired". The SuccessFactors Application is a dynamic web tool that operates very differently than a basic website. Content delivered to your web browser is dynamic, meaning it displays live data directly from the database based on the link or tab you click. Once you navigate away from this page, you cannot merely use your back button to return, as vital information that triggered the initial data to be displayed is not cached and no longer exists. A web browser cannot cache Web pages of a web application because the pages have to reflect the current state of the server application. In essence, the link you clicked contained or triggered specific information to cause the page to display, the back button on your browser does not.
    • Users should use tabs and buttons within the SuccessFacotrs page only for navigation, and not buttons native to the browser.


    Behaviors of Timeout Warnings and Auto Save

    • SAVE: The prevention of accidental timeouts with the Successfactors application is very simple. Save Often! Simply saving your work every few minutes, and before walking away from your computer will prevent any loss of data.

    • COMPENSATION FORMS: Although a compensation form template also includes the option "Enable Auto Logout at Session Timeout", this feature is not supported for a compensation form. This is to prevent inaccurate or incomplete compensation figures being saved. A person entering salary data for example may not find it helpful for the system to save incomplete figures automatically.
      Therefore setting a timeout value in minutes on a compensation form template will have no effect. Instead the application, regardless of settings, will automatically pop up an alert 10 minutes prior to timeout of a compensation form, and repeats this warning at 3 minute intervals until timeout.

    • ACKNOWLEDGE WARNING: Once the timeout feature is enabled, and a user encounters a timeout warning that indicates they need to save the form, they MUST DO SO immediately. Should a user walk away from the application and return to find this popup warning, clicking save may not work if not done before timeout. For example, you leave your desk for 20 minutes, and the 10 minute warning pops up prompting you to save. As you were not at your desk, and do not click save within 10 minutes, when you return 11 minutes or more later and see the popup box, it is now too late to save successfully. The solution in this scenario is simple. Save your work before leaving your desk. Our system is going to attempt a save at timeout, but keep in mind, that is physically impossible if you have been cut off from the SuccessFactors Application due to network connectivity issues.


    What to do When Your Worksession Times Out

    • To help keep your account secure, by default, each worksession is set to expire (or timeout) after 30 minutes of inactivity. The work session timeout countdown starts as soon as you log in. If the system detects no activity for 30 minutes, your worksession expires.
    • If your work session expires, you can still recover your work. Your work is always automatically saved at timeout if a valid session is still active.
    • Caution! To ensure that your work remains recoverable, do not close your Internet browser. If you close your Internet browser, all changes made since you last clicked the Save button will be lost.
    • The following five scenarios describe different ways you can recover your work. Apply the solution that best fits your situation.


    Scenario 1 : Your work was automatically saved

    • If your company is using the Enable Auto Logout at Session Timeout feature, and your session times out, your work is saved and you will see your login page appear. You see this message: "Your work has been saved. Please log in again to return to your form."
    • You can now log back in and continue working on your form.


    Scenario 2 : You just got an alert message

    As you're working on your form, an alert message pops up in front of the form notifying you of either situation:
    • Your work session will expire in a "x" minutes.
    • Your work session is over.
    Both alert messages give you the option to save your work.
    When you see this alert message, click the Save option displayed in the alert message. and you'll simultaneously save your work and reset the timeout countdown. You can now continue working on your form.

    Scenario 3 : You just clicked a button and got the login page

    • Just as your work session expired, you happened to click an action or routing button, such as one of these example buttons:
    • **Save ** Send To ** Print ** Sign ** Spellcheck ** Approve ** Info ** A section name in the left menu
    • If you did this your form was automatically saved before the system redirected you to the login page. At the top of the login page, you'll see this message: "Your form has been saved. Please enter your username and password to continue your work on the form." You can log back in and the page opens to the form you were working on.


    Scenario 4 : You just opened a writing tool

    Just as your work session expired, you clicked a link, such as the Writing Assistant or Process Guide. If you did this, and you're now seeing the login page opened in new window, you can:

    1. Close the login page's window so that only your form's window is open.

    2. In your form's toolbar, click Save.
    Your changes are now saved and the login page opens again.
    You can now log in again to continue working on your form.

    Scenario 5 : You just clicked an external link

    Just as your work session expired, you clicked an external link, or a link outside of the form you're working on. If you did this and are now seeing the login page but not your form, do not close the window. Instead, you can:
    1. Click the Back button from the toolbar of your Internet browser. The browser returns to the form you were working on.

    2. In your form's toolbar, click Save.
    Your changes are now saved and the login page opens again.
    You can now log in again to continue working on your form.

    When Is Information Not Saved?

    • The timeout alert pops up and the user clicks "Dont Save"
    • The form timeout reminder is on, pops up, and the user fails to click on SAVE before tiemout. If the user does not select save it will default to not save on timeout.
    • The users mistakenly believes they clicked save, when in reality just closed the browser.
    • The user users the browser back button or other browser tabs & buttons for navigation rather then the buttons within the SuccessFactors page.
    • The user mistakenly clicks Close Without Saving button without realzing it.
    • Our system is always going to attempt a save at timeout, but keep in mind, that is physically impossible if you have been cut off from the SuccessFactors Application due to network connectivity issues. Seeing a webpage is no indication that you still have a valid network connection to the same session you had begun with under some network connectivity issues.
    • If your browesr session was corrupted it is possible it might interfere with a successful save.
    • TGM V9
      When the session times out, you'll see a popup message, but your work isn't automatically saved. Click OK to reset the timer and close the popup message.
    • TGM V10
      If you're editing a goal just as the session times out, you can click Save, and your work is saved. If you close the editing window without clicking 'Save', all your changes will be lost.


  • Can Data Be Retrieved?

    • The information was only entered in the current step: Unfortunately, the reality of a failure to save data successfully is that there was never any data successfully transmitted and stored within the SuccessFactors Application in the first place that we can now restore or retrieve for you. A restore cannot be done. The SuccessFactors Application only takes a backup (audit trail) of the information when a form moves from one step to a new step. If the step (say Step 1) is iterative between Employee and Manager [I E EM] even though they have shuttled the form back and forth many times WITHIN Step 1, a snapshot is not taken until someone sends it to Step 2. Only then is there a backup taken. So if comments have not successfully saved while still in step one, there is no backup copy that we can go to to retrieve data for you.
    • The information lost was in the form at a previous step: In the event that comments are entered in step 1. The form moves to step 2. and while in step 2 you enter new information which is not successfully saved, causing the field to be blank, YES you can retrieve the original information in the comment box from step 1! Proxy in as the user that had the form in the previous step. If they see the blue information icon, click this to open audit trail (you can also do this from detailed document search report). In the audit trail click on the link for the step to retrieve information from. The form will open showing you the data that existed in this step. Copy the information you need and return to the live form to re-enter the lost data.


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