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2089604 - Dashboard Reports: Can't Add Some Portlets to Dashboard Report (Portlet Permissions) - Reporting and Analytics


  • Why Am I Not Able to Add Some Portlets to My Dashboards?


  • Reporting and Analytics


  • Dashboards can be customized by an administrator with appropriate permissions. To grant permissions for this function go to Admin Tools > Manage Security > Administrative Privileges  > Search for User > Click and expand "Dashboards/Reports" to see permission controls for Dashboard Reports and enable features as needed.
  • Before you can add Portlets to your Dashboard you must first enable each portlet. Go to Admin Tools > Dashboard/Reports > Portlet Permissions > Enable each portlet that you would like to be available to add to your dashboards > Save Settings.
  • NOTE! Just because you can enable and add a portlet to a dashboard DOES NOT mean that this portlet will automatically work! Portlets draw their data from forms that have been specially configured to provide data to portlets and other system reports. For instance, if a portlet is reporting on Objective/Competency data, then your form must have been configured to include the obj/comp section. Without this section some portlets will return no data. Similarly, if your form does not contain an Summary Section, then most portlets will fail to return any data. Trying to report on a form that has not been configured with critical sections is the second most common cause of reports to return no results (first is incorrect filter settings & reporting permissions).
  • Additionally, the "Process" you have selected in the current report, must contain forms configured to provide data to the portlets. It is recommended that you create Processes and Dashboards with a specific form in mind so that it is intuitive for managers to select a process and a matching dashboard so that data is always returned without erros.
  • If you believe a form has the required sections and should be returning results in Dashboard Portlets or List View Reports, but you are getting errors or blank results, please open a case with Support so they can investigate if the issue is a permissions issue, or a configuration issues.
  • Once you have enabled a portlet, you can add it to a Dashboard. Go to Admin Tools > Dashboard/Reports > Dashboards > Either edit an existing Dashboard or Create New Dashboard > Click Insert Portlet (You will see a list of portlets that reflects only those you enabled in the previous steps) > Click Save Dashboard.

Available Portlet Categories

  • Process Status & Documents
  • Performance & Assessments
  • Competencies
  • Objectives
  • Talent & Succession
  • Compensation

    Here is a breakdown of Portlets available within each of these categories that you can enable.

  • Process Status & Documents  
      Form Status Grouped by Workflow    
  • Performance & Assessments  
      Average Competency Rating    
      Overall Rating Distribution    
      Average Overall Rating    
      Overall Objective/Competency Rating Distribution    
      Overall Objective Rating Distribution    
      Average Objective/Competency Rating    
      Overall Competency Rating Distribution    
      Average Objective Rating    
  • Competencies  
      Behavior Weaknesses    
      Competency Gaps    
      Behavior Strengths    
      Competency Weaknesses    
      Competency Strengths    
      Most Common Behaviors    
      Most Common Competencies   
  • Objectives  
      Overall Objective Status    
      Objective Status:    
      Average Objective Ratings by Category    
      Objective Due Range    
      Objectives by Completion (Requires that your goal plan use the Percent Complete field)    
      Objective Distribution    
      Aligned Objectives    
      Objective Ratings    
  • Talent & Succession  
      Competency / Objective Matrix    
      Performance / Potential Matrix 
  • Compensation  
      Pay / Performance Matrix    
      Compa Ratio Distribution


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