2089599 - Goal Search & Development Goal to report on Learning Activities

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2089599 - Goal Search & Development Goal to report on Learning Activities


This article reviews reports that help explain learning activities.

  • Can I create a report on Learning Activities?
  • Create a report on Development Goals?
  • Learning Activities Report?
  • Development Goals Report?


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Reporting on Development Data

  • Most of the reports available for Goal Management are also available for CDP Development Plans. For example, dashboard portlets that reports on GM goals can also report on CDP goals, if the Process for the dashboard uses a CDP goal plan instead of a GM goal plan. (Note that portlets that report on alignment are not relevant for CDP, since CDP goals cannot be cascaded or aligned.)
  • Since the same portlet cannot be used more than once on a dashboard, and since portlets do not further separate or filter the data included in the Processes, you should typically set up a separate dashboard for CDP goals with a Process that does not include GM goal plans.
    To report on Learning Activities, use the
  • Goal Search Classic Report to export the data. Users will first need to select the CDP goal plan that includes the learning activities, then be sure to check the "Learning Activities" checkbox in the Export Options area to include the activity-level data in the export.

          There is also a special

  • Development Goal List View that is very similar to the GM List View, with one addition: the ability to show the related competencies in a special column.


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