2089519 - Ad Hoc Reports: Creating New Ad hoc Reports, BIRT, Custom Reports, Updating Existing Reports - Reporting and Analytics

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2089519 - Ad Hoc Reports: Creating New Ad hoc Reports, BIRT, Custom Reports, Updating Existing Reports - Reporting and Analytics


  • This article reviews BIRT Reports and how to work with them or involve Professional Services to assist with them
  • Procedure for Ad hoc BIRT Report Requests
  • Can we change one of your spreadsheet reports?
  • What are the costs for custom reports?
  • How long does it take to create a report?
  • Maintenance and changes to existing custom reports


  • Reporting and Analytics


Does SuccessFactors Develop New Custom Spreadsheet Reports?(RDF)

SuccessFactors supports the development of very powerful Ad hoc Reports (ARB/BIRT). Please read the information further down on how we can help create the rich, powerful reports you are looking for!

As for custom Excel Spreadsheet reports based off the older RDF (Report Definition File) templates, as of 1/1/2012 SuccessFactors no longer directly supports the development of these types of reports now that we are able to offer Ad hoc Report Builder (ARB) / BIRT based reports. Where a client has a need to create an RDF SuccessFactors via our reporting partner can offer these services.

Problem: Client has an existing spreadsheet report that is running via FTP export. It is no longer pulling the latest data.Client needs it to pull the current cycles data, can it be updated?

SuccessFactors no longer supports these reports. Clients are encouraged to stop using these legacy reports and develop Ad Hoc based reports to get the data.


Ad Hoc Reporting Advantages

When a customer is in need of pulling specific data from the SF system that can not be done with the current set of reports in Reporting/Analytics or Ad Hoc reports, and can not be done with the Data Mapping Editor, or otherwise needs the data shown in a different way, a custom Ad hoc report may be necessary.

If you do not yet have our default Ad Hoc reporting tools enabled please open a case with Customer Success to enable these. Ad hoc reports provide a very powerful tool enabling you to build robust custom reports within the system at no cost.

  • ARB / BIRT reports are easier and faster to develop, meaning your custom reporting needs can be deployed more quickly.
  • ARB / BIRT reports offer more flexibility with regard to changing configurations or business cycles.  
  • Customers who have the appetite will be able to purchase Visual Publisher from SFSF and develop, enhance, change and otherwise maintain their own reports (or reports SF has built for them).  
  • Application performance is increased since ARB queries are application generated and therefore more efficient. 

Our Customers' Challenges Are Real

Many of our customers need to communicate metrics to their organizations in a familiar, unique format. They are eager for expert services to help generate custom reports and effectively role them out

Business Transformation Services (BTS) - Premium Reporting & Analysis Service

If the standard Ad Hoc product solutions do not provide the report capabilities you are looking for, SuccessFactors offers custom reporting solutions for a fee via our Business Transformation Services team. SuccessFactors Business Transformation Services (BTS) will work with customers to address critical data requests, define the requirements for high-impact custom tailored reports, and delivered based on client specifications

Clients should contact their Sales Account Manager for a custom Analytics & Reporting package / proposal


Three offerings tailored to meet client reporting and analytics needs:


  • Pixel Perfect Talent Cards
  • Compensation Statements
  • Report Builder Premium Template Design


How long does it take to deliver a Premium Report?

The project duration is determined by the complexity of the report requirements and the availability of BTS resources. ARB / BIRT reports  typically take 6-8 weeks to deliver following a signed Statement of Work and Schedule A. Pixel Perfect Talent Cards typically take 8-10 weeks to deliver following a signed Statement of Work and Schedule A.  Please note delivery cannot be committed without BTS consultation.


What does the subscription cover?

Premium Reports are customer specific SQL/Excel/Bi Publisher designs and may require additional QA and maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly following each release. Premium Reports may also require minor annual updates, e.g. updating date ranges or form/goal plan IDs that are hard coded in the report. The subscription fee allows SuccessFactors to facilitate these requests quickly without the delay of for-fee change orders.


Ongoing Maintenance Fee

The following custom work is usually covered by the maintenance fee but may vary per contract.


Updating of text in field headers, titles to reflect the new year.


Adding or making changes to customer logo


Formatting of text style, i.e. bolding, italicize, changing text color.


changing any text



Target Audience?

  • Executive Sponsor, Project Lead for SuccessFactors Implementation

Which SF Product lines?

  • SuccessFactors Enterprise only; some may be supported by SF authorized partners


  • We are unable to provide costs in this solution as these will vary depending on each client's specific needs
  • Pricing of Pixel Perfect Talent Cards is based on the complexity of the talent card design and the amount of conditional logic and formatting included in the design.



Customer Success and Custom Reports

For New Custom Reports

The Customer Success team does not create custom reports for clients. You can however still open a case via Customer Success who can help engage the right people for you. When you are requesting a new report Customer Success will:

  • Contact your account manager to engage the sales team
  • Once we get confirmation that sales is engaged your support case will be closed
  • From this point you will work directly with Sales and BTS
  • BTS will assign a Premium Reporting Lead and reach out to you directly.
  • Specifications and Mockup: The client will submit a mockup report.

 For Existing Custom Reports

The Customer Success team does not create, edit or maintain custom reports for clients, so all requests for custom reports will be directed to our BTS team. You should however still open your case via Customer Success who will then engage the right people for you, as well as help gather some of the basic information from you relative to your reporting needs.

If a report is broken, Customer Success will work with BTS or engineering to determine:

  • if it is something covered under the maintenance contract
  • if it is something we will fix in general
  • or if the breakage was caused by client changes which require the BTS team to develop an updated version of the report at cost
  • if it is a legacy RDF report it may be decided that we cannot update/fix the legacy report and that the client needs to have an ARB based report developed.
  • any changes to existing custom reports not under a maintenance contract made via Customer Success are considered enhancement requests, and therefore will always be a P5 priority. P5 requests will be addressed by engineering as resource availability permits. SuccessFactors reserves the right to not update custom spreadsheet reports not covered under a maintenance contract.
  • Specifications and Mockup : The client will submit a Change Request plus a mockup of the expected results clearly showing any changes, as well as a data map. Customer Success Tier III team will review the request and engage our BTS team via a BTS jira, at which point your case will be closed. 



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