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2089511 - Unable to proxy in as a user - BizX Platform


Unable to proxy in as a user
Users are kicked out of system when trying to proxy


  1. This proxy issue is most likely to happen when customer is on Akamai but some users are still using the generic DC4 URL ( to log into BizX
  1. Check to see if the customer is using Akamai server: For example if the customer is on DC4 -
  • Log into Provisioning
  • Company Settings > Reverse Proxy URL
  • Check if the flowing URL has been configured in this field:
  1. System will still allow the users to log into BizX using either of the above mentioned URLs (PM4 or PM41) but the discrepancy would arise when they are trying to proxy, navigate to SAP Jam (if Jam is integrated with their BizX) etc.
  1. Though customers had Reverse Proxy URL field configured in provisioning from the beginning, they started to face the proxy issue post b1311 release due to the following reason:
  • It might have worked fine to have a misconfiguration of the reverse proxy URL before b1311, but in b1311, it is no longer fine to have a misconfiguration.
  • The "Proxy Now" option uses the reverse proxy url, if available, to redirect the user to it. This is the reason why it is failing in b1311.
  • Hence we set it to blank, otherwise the base URL for the page would point to this reverse proxy url setting.
  • Their company had a misconfiguration in their company instance, where a Reverse Proxy URL was specified when one wasn't supposed to be specified.
  • Then, in b1311, we fixed the Proxy Now functionality to correctly use the Reverse Proxy URL when it is configured for a company instance. (It was previously a bug that the Proxy Now functionality wasn't using the Reverse Proxy URL when it was configured.).
  • In the case of their company, it is this original misconfiguration, and the previous bug of the Proxy Now functionality not using the Reverse Proxy URL, which caused this company and SuccessFactors to not notice this misconfiguration in the Reverse Proxy URL in the past; but then once b1311 fixed the Proxy Now bug, that is when the original misconfiguration was revealed.
  • (And please note that when we say "proxy" for the Proxy Now functionality, we are referring to something different, compared to the "proxy" for the Reverse Proxy URL. [The former is dealing with end-user proxying as another user in BizX, whereas the latter is dealing with web server proxying to BizX.])


  • BizX Platform


  1. Check with the customer the URL their users are/should be using.
  2. Make sure they either use or but not both.
  3. If the customer says that they were only using, the please remove the URL (  from Reverse Proxy URL field in provisioning and save the changes made.
  4. Also be sure to advise the customer that every user in their organization uses ONLY



Additional Points:

  1. Above said points (In Bold) can be provided to customer when they question as to why was it working before any issues.


  1. This article also applies to DC8 where customer would still use . In this case proxy issue would occur if Reverse Proxy URL field is configured to be but some users use to access BizX.


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