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2089483 - V12: Top 10 things you need to know about the Revolution UI - BizX Platform


  • 1.   How can the free transition to the Revolution User Interface benefit my company?
    • Switching to the Revolution user interface  (UI) ensures  that your company is wielding the most recent and powerful version of the products you’ve already purchased. You will not only have better products, but will be able to receive future improvements, because Revolution will be updated with future enhancements.
    • Additionally, many of the products you use will be mobile ready!


    2.   How much will this cost?

    • Generally, the transition to Revolution is free. In some cases, clients using the 1.0 version of a product may incur additional costs if they want next generation functionality. If you just want the Revolution UI, you can get it free of charge. Submitting a support ticket (details below) is a no-pressure way to learn more about your specific situation.


    3.   How long does it take to upgrade and will there be downtime?

    • The time to migrate can vary from client to client depending on your specific requirements, but for most clients it can be completed in about five business days without any downtime. This should be considered a guideline and is not an explicitly promised timeline.


    4.   What new product features does Revolution include?

    • To view the most recent product updates, log in to your product’s Admin Tools by going to Admin > Admin Resources > Release Summary or click here. The Admin Resources section will also direct you to the complimentary OneVoice program which is a series of webinars devoted to explaining new product updates. The Release Summary is not available at this time for Professional Edition customers.


    5.   Can I see a demo of the Revolution UI?

    • View this one minute demo that shows a quick run through of the new UI. Enterprise customers can view the Revolution walkthrough here. If you are a Professional Edition customer click here. To get a comprehensive demo, we recommend that you enable your new UI in a test instance. When you submit a support ticket to get the Revolution UI, ask about setting up a test instance.


    6.   I am concerned about the integrity of my data—will it be affected?

    • No! Revolution is best thought of as a new UI (user interface) with additional functionality. It simply changes the look and feel of the application, simplifying the layout and includes new features. Your forms, data and permissions are safe because nothing is being moved or deleted.



    7.   Does SuccessFactors offer training packages so I can describe the updates to my team?

    • Yes; we have end-user transition resources so you can address the following questions:


    What training must I consider  if I change the look and feel of my system?


    What new functionality are available and how do they affect my HR processes?


    Can I use this change to re-engage users  & gain momentum of SuccessFactors


    For comprehensive trainings, please  visit or contact the team at for more details.


    8. What are the minimum technical requirements for the Revolution UI?

    • The Revolution UI (V12) has the same requirements as V11, so if you are running these versions you are OK. During the transition we will verify with you individually, but so far all customers have met the minimum technical requirements.


    9. You sold me. It’s free, supercharges my purchased products and is the only UI that will be developed for going forward. How do I get the Revolution transition process started?

    • Get started by creating a support ticket with the title ‘Revolution UI’ within the Customer Support Portal.


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