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  • Updates to Admin Tools Manage Themes page & Create Theme/Edit Theme page

    1.  Theme Groups
    The concept behind Theme Groups (starting in b1207) is that a single field within the User Profile can be used to associate users to themes. The users with the same field value are in the same group, and the theme that is configured to be associated with that field value is the theme for that group.

     When the user logs in, the field value is first used to locate a theme associated with that group. If one is found, then that theme is used for the duration of the user's logged-in session; if none is found, then the default theme for the company is used instead (which is the original behavior in b1204).

    In the Company Settings page of provisioning, there is a "Field used to group users to themes" field to specify the User Profile field to use for theme groups:

    And in the Theme Manager page in Admin Tools, there is a "Visible to" column with a multi-select drop down that allows one or more field values to be associated with a particular theme:

    1a. Supported Theme Group Fields
    In b1207, we limit what fields in the User Profile can be used for theme groups.  The fields are those where existing APIs already are available for efficient retrieval of all the possible field values.  These fields are as follows:

    1. Division
    2. Department
    3. Location


    In the future, we may add support for other fields that can be used for theme groups.

    1b. Persisting Theme Associations to Groups

    The theme associations should have no impact to any other part of the application. It should all evolve around, and be isolated to, the Theming module. Because of this, we take the following approach for the theme association to groups:


    A theme's configuration contains a list of group IDs.  So if you want to know what groups a theme is associated with, you can simply look at the theme's configuration to find out.


    To provide for an efficient lookup of group IDs to theme IDs, we construct a mapping data structure for storage.  This is done every time the administrator configures and saves the theme associations in the Theme Manager page of the Admin UI.  When a user logs in, this map is retrieved and used to find out what theme the user should use, based upon what group the user is associated with (which is determined by the User Profile field that is used for the theme groups).  And if the corresponding theme ID is not found in the map, then the user will simply use the company-wide theme.


    1c. Applying different logos to different themes

    With the 1207 release, Admins can upload a different logo for any theme. This feature will allow Admins to use Theme Groups to reach across company sites that have different branding as well as different logos or variations of a master logo.


    The customer default logo is still uploaded in Admin Tools > Upload Company Logo. However, an Admin can go to the Edit Theme/Create Theme page and upload a different logo for a particular theme. In the Fine Tune section of the control panel, there is a subhead labeled “Logo” with an option below it to “Upload a logo.”


    The requirements for size, format and dimensions are the same as the default logo. The placement on the page will remain the same as well.

    1d. Group Selection uses the core functionality of the new Multi-Select Widget.

    The drop down menu maps to the style for the Menu attribute (the Menu style is first applied by the system through the Color Scheme Generator. It is also customizable in the Menus section in Fine Tuning).



    2. Other Enhancements to Theming

    2a. Upload Background Image

    In 1207, it is much easier for Admins to use background images in their themes. There are three options available on the Create/Edit Theme control panel

    • Select texture image (select pre-existing items from a drop down list)
    • Enter URL for image (a link to an image that has already been upload to a server)
    • Upload an image (browse Admin's system/computer/desktop/etc. and then upload)

    Once an image is uploaded, the Image display section has controls for repeating and positioning the image (or you can select No image as an option).


    2b. Downloadable Fonts

    There is a new option to use downloadable fonts (custom web fonts) on the new Homepage Tiles. 


    • The fonts are Proxima Condensed and Proxima Semi Condensed Bold. 
    • There is opt out option in the theming control panel, but the default is set to “Use downloadable fonts.”


    2c. Call-outs are theme-able

    New CSS-based pointer icon allows Call-outs to be theme-able. They take on the same style attributes as Portlets:


    2d. Tables are more theme-able:

    2e. Portlets are more them-able

    Items include Body text color and Body link color:


    2f. There is a new naming convention for Base Themes

    We are describing the themes that ship with the product based on their characteristics:

    "Dark or Light theme / Background color & Accent Color / Texture"

    There are five Base themes re-named:


    2g. Choice of light or dark People Search Bar Widget

    There is a new light theme option:

    2h. Hide/Show Header

    Page level icon added on Manage Theme and Base Theme/Create Theme pages to help maximize working space:


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