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2089382 - User Import Error - Duplicate Username - Platform


  • There is a user with the same Username in the system already, but with a different UserID. This describes how to add a new user with the correct Username-UserID combination.
  • Can duplicate or unwanted users be removed from the system?


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Reproducing the Issue

When doing an import, you get this error message:

     User Import Process has reported error(s). You need to fix the following error(s) and re-import the users as necessary:

Failed to add/update user [tthomas] "Tina Thomas" (Sales;ACE Software;Central): Duplicate Username - "tthomas"

This error does not mean that your import file has two records in it causing the duplicate. While that might be the case, often the duplicate error is caused by an existing record already in your system conflicting with one new record you are trying to import that is also referring to the same username/userid.

To effectively troubleshoot the duplicate error you will need both your import file and a fresh employee export file. You will want to closely compare both files looking for similar but duplicate records for the user. Be careful if your data contains leading zeros to open your data in an editor that does not strip out any values. E.g. Excel can make 000123 look like 123 making it impossible to find the duplicate.
 This is what you want to import (abbreviated):

     STATUS,USERID,Username,First Name,Last Name,Middle Name,Gender,


This is what you've got in the system already:

     STATUS,USERID,Username,First Name,Last Name,Middle Name,Gender,



Please follow below steps:

  1. Make user active & change username.
     STATUS,USERID,Username,First Name,Last Name,Middle Name,Gender,

  1. Import that user data file.
  1.  In Admin Tools -> Set User Status, Deactivate that changed user ("tthomas_OLD").
  1. Import the original file.
     STATUS,USERID,Username,First Name,Last Name,Middle Name,Gender,


Note: This will not migrate any data from the old user to the new user. It will only create a new, completely separate user.

  • If needed, while both records are active, login as employeeA_OLD, open any completed forms you want employeeA to have a copy of and use the "SEND COPY" button if you have that feature enabled for that form template. Copies can only be viewed and cannot be edited.
  • Use admin tools > Objective (Goal) Transfer to transfer goals to the new userID.
  • Use export/import features in admin tools for personal information, background data and trend data to associate data with the new userID.
  • IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to transfer in-progress forms to any new USERID. History for any employee will ALYAYS remain with the USERID it was launched to. You can however import historical scores (not forms) for the new userID using admin tools > Managing Documents > Import Overall Scores.
  • Once you have transferred the possible data from employeeA_OLD to employeeA as outlined above, set the status of employeeA_OLD to INACTIVE via admin tools > Manage Users > Set user Status.


Can duplicate or unwanted users be removed from the system?

Please see KBA 2545988 - Purge/Delete User or KBA 2615360 - DRTM Master Data Purge


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