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2088813 - Ratings: Rating Scales - BizX Platform


  • Overview of Rating Scales as used throughout the system.
  • What are Matrix Grid Rating Scales?

  • What is Readiness Rating Scale?

  • Why is 5pt Rating Scale Best Practice?

  • How do we use a Reverse Rating Scale?

  • What is Normalization of Rating Scales?

  • What is rating-scale-label-link?

  • What are all the definitions of the various scores that are relevant to Ratings?

  • Can I use a Reverse Scale for the Calibration module when using PMv12?


  • BizX Platform


How to Create or Update a Rating Scale:

Admin Tools > Company Processes & Cycles > Performance Management > Rating Scales > Rating Scale Designer
Old Admin Tools > Company Settings > Rating Scales.

From here you can

  • Create New Scale
  • Enable or disable a current scale (this will impact live forms)
  • Edit existing rating scale (this will NOT apply to live forms - only the rating description can be updated)
  • Delete a rating scale. Do not delete any scales you have used in historical forms and processes.

You can connect the scale you have created by going to your Form Template > Advanced Settings > And select the rating scale in the drop down list on this page. This will not apply to live forms so must be changed before launching any forms.


Changing Rating Scales on Live forms

  • When you design your template you will need to have all your scales already created and finalized.
  • It is not possible to change the point values or labels of your rating scales once your forms have been launched.
  • This is a critical area where there is no option to correct live forms if they are launched with incorrect rating scale information.


5pt Rating Scale - Best Practices

Please refer to the following solution which explains why you should use a rating scale and the best point spread recommended.

Why use a 5pt scale?

Why use a 3pt scale?


Reverse Rating Scale

  • Typically 1 is low and 5 is high, but this can be reversed so that 1 is high. To use a reverse rating scale please see: Ratings: Reverse Rating Scale


What are normalized ratings and how do we use them?


What is rating-scale-label-link?

  • On a PM form, if you wish to disable the link for all the Rating Labels then you can do this for each form by modifying the template code. See Solution


Definitions of Rating Scores


Can I use a Reverse Scale for the Calibration module when using PMv12?


Readiness Rating Scale

The SuccessFactors application by design requires the "Readiness" rating scale to exist for formless nominations. Some clients may also have custom Succession Spreadsheet Reports that also rely on a rating scale named Readiness. More information..


Note: Rating Scale 'label' maximum is 128 characters. Same applies with Matrix Grid Rating Scale.

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