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2088748 - Route Maps: Enroute Forms -BizX Platform


  • As forms and worksheets move through a workflow, people in previous steps will retain a copy of the form or worksheet in their enroute folder.
  • What is an enroute copy of a form?


  • BizX Platform


  • When you received a form it is found in your Inbox. Once you have completed your actions you send it forward to someone else's Inbox. At that time you retain a copy of the form in your Enroute Folder. We call it an Enroute copy of the form. This Enroute copy is a snapshot in time and only contains information that you were able to see when it was in your inbox.
  • An Enroute copy of a form is only a snap shot in time and will NOT show the most current data that someone else has entered. If the person you sent the form to says they have entered info and want you to take a look at it, then you cannot do this using your enroute copy of the form.
  • The person would need to send the form to you via your inbox.
  • The exception is if the step is a C Step, where the form is not actually moved to a new person, but where everyone can see the current form from their inbox.


  • The exception to a snapshot in time is a Variable Pay worksheet. Varpay does not support enroute copies of worksheets. (VRP-4074)
    Traditionally compensation and variable pay worksheets do not leverage workflows as performance forms would. Normally a single planner will manage a worksheet, so to date the product has not supported a snapshot for variable pay. This means if you did add workflows/route maps to your varpay process, each person at each step sill see a live version of the worksheet. Therefore planners need to understand that for varpay anyone in the workflow will potentially see all senstive data.


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