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2088626 - Manage Templates - Attaching or Linking to a document within the form - Performance Management


  • Client would like an embedded document housed on SuccessFactors FTP server to open in a new browser  window rather than opening the associated program.
  • How do I update a document hosted with SuccessFactors?


  • Performance Management


  • Currently the system does not allow you to attach a document to a form, but you can store your document in a location and then add a link to it within your form.

          For example: Add the following tag to the xml link

                  <a href= target="_blank">HTML Help</a>

  • This is general HTML. Note that we do not support html in all areas of the product. This may not work in all areas. We have other proprietary tags that may need to be used, but we do provide this as helpful info for clients to at least try.
  • To prevent cross domain issues, it is best to host the document with SuccessFactors. You could point to a document on your on intranet if it is accessible via the web, but doing so can introduce security risks and cause additional popups for users, and might cause slowness or browser timeouts.



  • Open a ticket with Customer Success requesting the file be uploaded to the SuccessFactors Servers.

         Include the following:

  1. The Document to be uploaded (attached to the ticket).
  2. The current URL pointing to where the current file is being hosted - You can get the URL by opening your performance form, and right click on the link (as opposed to clicking to open the document). From the popup menu copy the link location.


Update Existing File or Use New File?

  • First you need to decide if you want to just overwrite the old document, or if you need to point to a brand new document and leave the old one as is.
  • The fastest option is to replace the existing file. Support would just overwrite the current document with the new one. The link to the document does not change, no xml change is needed, and it applies to ALL forms past and present that link to that exact filename.
    • You have to send us the exact same filename as the current one. If you don't know what that exact filename was, then right click on the current form link and use the Copy URl/Copy Link option (as opposed to clicking and opening the doc) and paste that into your case. (your filename will be the last part of the link)
    • The downside to that is the fact it will also apply to all old forms, so determine if the content of the old document does actually need to remain for people looking back at old forms and opening the original document.
    • Overwriting the exisitng file should only take a few days to process.
  • If old forms need to refer to the old document info then you will actually need to update your current form template xml via a CCOR, or changing link via admin tools template editor.
    • Support would need to work with you to provide the new updated full URL for your hosted document when using a brand new file and URL.
    • This new document will only apply to new forms launched with the new URL.
    • This change can take 2 weeks to process


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