2088229 - Mobile Email Notifications: Simplified Activation - Mobile

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2088229 - Mobile Email Notifications: Simplified Activation - Mobile


  • Activating your users in mobile is now easier than ever.  With automated mobile email notifications, your users will receive their login credentials and instructions as soon as you activate them.  This article will describe how to access your mobile email settings and give you more information on customizing these settings to meet your company's needs.


  • Goal Management


New Feature or Update

  • Mobile Email Activation Notifications.


Relevant Product

  • SuccessFactors Mobile.


How to Access Mobile Email Notification Settings

  • To administer your mobile email notification settings, you will need to head over to the OneAdmin page. 


  • From the Home drop down menu, or the User drop down menu, select Admin Tools to access the OneAdmin page. 


  •  From the OneAdmin page, click the Company Settings tile.  Then, select Email Notification Template Settings. 


  •  From here, you can choose to select or deselect the option for Mobile Activation Notification.  Note: this option will be automatically selected.


  •  By clicking the Mobile Activation Notification link, you can edit the email template that will be sent to new users on activation.



  • Creating the email template to meet your needs is easy with the built-in editor.  You can upload existing templates, or build out your own.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I am not ready for users to self-activate their devices.  Can I deactivate this feature?

  • By deselecting the Mobile Activation Notification feature in the above steps, you can deactivate this feature until you are ready to empower your users with this feature.



I thought I had already deactivated this feature.  Why are my users receiving these emails now?

  • The Mobile Activation Notification emails feature is activated universally for all company instances.  You will need to deactivate the feature if you do not want your users to receive these automated emails by following the steps above.



Can one of my users forward the activation email to another user?

  • As with any email your employee receives, the activation email can be forwarded. However, users will always be asked for their unique credentials in order to activate the device and must have mobile permissions in order to activate. It is not possible for an unauthorized user or a user without mobile permission to activate a device using the auto generated email.



What causes these emails to be sent?

  • When you set up users with roles, the backend system will check to see if that role contains any permission with mobile capability.  This might include Org Chart, Touchbase, SAP Jam or any other mobile enabled feature.  If it detects any mobile feature, it will check to see if this user has received an email previously, and if not, send them one.  Your users should not see duplicate emails.



I received duplicate emails, why is that happening?

  • The system checks to see if it had previously sent you a mobile email and will NOT send another. We find that many customers have test instances that contain their real email address. When this happens, you will receive 2 emails - one from your Production instance & one from your Test instance. These should be the only emails you receive.


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