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2088199 - Manage Users: How to manage permissions & administrators normal tasks for setting permissions - Platform


  • How to manage permissions & administrators normal tasks for setting permissions. This document lists common administrator tasks that you are likely to perform to set permissions.


  • BizX Platform


  • Number 1 is commonly performed.
  • 2-8 are less common.
  • 9 & 10 are things you'd have to call SuccessFactors Support to do.
  1.  Task: Revoke login permissions, inactivate users
    1. Admin Tools > Manage Security > Default User Permissions
    2. Admin Tools > Manage Users > Set User Status
      Inactivating users through 'set user status' is good for those on LOA or similar.
    3. Admin Tools > Manage Users > Employee Import
      A data import with the STATUS column changed to INACTIVE for a user will overwrite anything done in 'Set user status.' It's also easier to track, retrieve and remember.
  2. Task: Set permissions for the entire user group all at once
    Admin Tools > Manage Security > Default User Permissions
    Most permissions are not 'blanketly' granted. Form creation permissions for NOTES are probably most common.
  3. Assign people to the Default User Group.
    Go to > Manage Security > Default User Permissions
    Users can't do ANYTHING unless they're in this group. People are added to this group automatically with a data import. You might never have to touch this link.
  4. Assign Administrative permissions
    Manage Security > Administrative Permissions
    You can assign all admin permissions or 'Piecemeal' them out. Most people assign all.
    *Best to have admin backups assigned.
    **A common support call occurs when a person accidentally locks him/herself out of admin.
  5. Assign Reporting permissions
    Manage Security > Detailed Reporting Privileges; (Analytics)
    Detailed Report gives you the 'Reports' button on the left side. This is usually reserved to just a few in the organization.
  6. Assign Permission to Create Forms
    Manage Security > Permission to Create Forms
    This must be granted before anyone sees forms inside the 'New Documents' button/wizard on the top right side of the Documents page.
  7. Allow users to be recipients of a mass-created form Manage Security > Mass Create Group Permission Use this to sort out people who don't need a form from those who do when you mass create forms.
    You can grant mass create for a whole group, then revoke it for an individual in that group.
  8. Set Password Policies
    System Properties > Password Policy settings
    If you change your initial settings, it may cause everyone to have to change their password on next login.
  9. Set 'View' permissions for a form
    Not Available directly through Admin.
    Anyone in the Route Map for the form has a view into a read-only version of the form.
    Viewing read-only forms is available through Detailed Reports as well.
  10. Set Read-only or Read-write permissions by form section or for certain actions
    Not Available
    This is can be coded by a professional Services Consultant


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