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  • This article explains the Custom Manager (EC) role.
    • Using Custom Manager for permissioning. 
    • Displaying Custom Manager in Employee Profile.


  • BizX Platform


What is Custom Manger?

  • Custom Manager is a data field that you can add to your Employee Import File.

          Custom Manager (HR)        Matrix Manager (HR)
          admin|aaaa|bbbb|cccc          dddd|gggg|bbbb|cccc

      Custom Manager is a lot like the Matrix Manager role in that there can be more than one Custom Manager for an employee, and it can be used in Goal Management and Live Profile permissions.

  • Note: It cannot appear in document route maps. If you try to use it in a route map you will get the error: "Changes Failed: You have entered invalid custom roles."
  • “ECM” (Manager of Custom Manager) is a role explicitly recognized in permissions, but not route maps.
  • Currently Employee Profile does not support the listing of multiple Custom Manager names. If you have your profile page to display the Custom Manager field, and you have only one Custom Manager listed for an employee, then their name will display as text. If more than one Customer Name is on record then no names will display.
  • Employee Profile will only Display the Custom Manager name as text and does not support an clickableclickable link to the manager's profile page as does the Matrix Manager field.
  • Custom Manager is particularly well-suited for use with Succession/Talent Managers who need Live Profile permissions but are unlikely to appear in document route maps. You can make several members of a Succession/Talent Management team all appear as the Custom Manager for large numbers of employees, and enable them in the Live Profile permissions model. Alternatively, you can allow each Succession/Talent Manager to access only one part of a company – like a country or division – and then allow ECM to access the entire company, pretty easily. This can also be beneficial for the admin's of a company.
  • One employee can have multiple Custom Manager's, they can be loaded in the import file, under the CUSTOM_MANAGER column, by entering the USER ID's separated by pipes " | ". Example: 0012345|0054324|0098765. You can also do the same via Change User Information by entering the USERNAME's separated by pipes.
  • Only matrix managed reports are displayed in the org chart, while custom managed reports are not. Meaning, given a manager, his/her matrix reports are displayed with dotted lines below them, but the matrix report nodes will never show nodes below them, and they do not have dotted lines going up to multiple matrix managers.


Maintain Valid Values in Custom Manager 

     It is important for you to maintain valid usernames in this column if you populate it in user imports.

  1. Behavior = Random and ongoing failures of forms not transferring. Can result in large numbers of forms not moving as expected in any predictable logic. This is preventable by ensuring only valid usernames exist in this column.
  2. Customers are often diligent in ensuring that all your usernames in your MANAGER column are correct in each import, but many clients fail to be as diligent in maintaining correct and accurate values in the other manager columns that exist > MATRIX_MANAGER, CUSTOM_MANAGER. If you are not updating these columns and have usernames of people who are no longer valid, then this will cause failures and forms will not move for those records. If a person is set as the custom manager of many people then this can affect many forms.


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