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2088105 - Home Page: To-Do List - Home Page Slow to Load - BizX Platform


  • Some or all of your users are reporting that the home page to-do list or tiles are taking too long to load.


  • BizX Platform


  • The SuccessFactors web application is built on web2.0 fundamentals, and as such, relies heavily on browser cache. The first time you visit any page the system will automatically download and cache a lot of information. Your browser therefore must not be set to clear cache after closing a session. The first time load of a page can be substantially longer than normal. In one example for a large program it could take 30-60 seconds on the initial visit to build the page and cache your compensation page data. When you re-visit this page, the load time will be dramatically reduced, often to 5-10 seconds (not including additional data as described further below). Therefore, one thing to check (or review with your IT) are the browser settings to ensure that browser cache is set not to expire or to be deleted on close of session, as that will have large impacts on not only compensation pages, but the To-Do list and other pages. In addition to the data we can cache, there is also the real-time data to consider as discussed below.


Modules Loading Real-Time Data

  • The other major factor to consider is that the to-do list and the home page tiles typically need to evaluate in real-time, who you are, your permissions, your forms, goal plans, compensation data, recruiting and personal info etc.
  • Even though the to-do list or tiles may not be displaying the granular data from these programs, (are just showing you high level information such as having a form in your inbox etc) the system nevertheless still needs to evaluate the module data to determine what is appropriate to show on the to-do list and in your tiles.
  • Some programs such as goal plans or compensation cycles can be very data intensive, or may even contain invalid data for that person (or people) which in turns has a performance impact on the time it takes for the to-do list to build and load.


Analyze Scenario

  • Who and how many is it slow for?
  • Is it for 1 person or small group of people, or is it happening for everyone?
  • If it is just slow for 1 person, or just a small group of people ask them what has changed for them recently? Have they just added some goals or data in one of the modules that are part of the page? Has their manager recently updated plans, data or programs to this user or group of user? Had they recently imported data before this started happening?
  • If it is happening for everyone, has your IT changed anything with browsers recently? (consider cache issue described above). Did you just role out a new form or program to everyone? Did an admin just perform a data import? Did you mass route or update forms or programs recently?
  • Have you recently change to RBP or mass changed any role based permissions recently? Very complex permissions can impact performance of the home page.


When did it start?

  • Did it start after a recent quarterly release?
  • Has it always been like this since going live? (Could indicate a misconfiguration, or even expected behavior)
  • Did it just start after launching new goal, PM or compensation cycles?
  • Has it slowly gotten worse over the period of the program? This is common as more data is added, for very large groups and programs, that as the data grows, the speed to analyze and build the list and tiles slows. This may be normal and will self-resolve once the program is completed.
  • Did your admin recently have the data model changed?


  • Understanding the things as outlined above may enable you to define and resolve the issue (or at least work through it if the slowness is expected due to some large changes) without needing to engage with support. And if you do need to engage with support, having answers to the types of questions above can help speed up the investigation to find the root cause.





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