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  • How does the To-do list work?
  • How long does an item stay on the to-do list?
  • When does a task drop off the to-do list?
  • What are the sources for to do list items?
  • Can the To Do List be Turned Off?
  • Why are forms not showing after our upgrade?
  • How to Mass Approve To Do List ?


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The To-Do List Demystified

To-Do list items come from 2 sources: forms routed to the user, and supplemental to-do items added by the administrator.

To-Do items do not have to have dates; if the routemap step has no due date, the To-Do item will not have a due date.

To-Do items are sorted first by date, then alphabetically.

Forms appear in categories that correspond to the form types & modules. These categories can be edited in the To-Do admin page.

Forms that are created and headed for the user will generate to-do items that correspond to the route map step names.

 How Long Will Items Show on The To-Do List?

  • By default the To-Do list shows items that are currently pending, plus items completed within the last 2 months, plus items that will be due within the next 12 months.
  • You can adjust these defaults via Home Page > To Do List > there you will see a link when logged in as a main admin for To-Do Admin > To-Do List ManagerTo-Do List Settings section that now lets you specify a date range for how long items will display on the To Do List, and how far in the future items will appear, The maximum number of days is 365. Another more than this won't save.This is expected behaviou.
  • Deleting items from the list: One suggestion to delete items from the to-do list would be to change the number of days in your to-do list settings to a lower number so Completed items drop off the list sooner.


Inactive Users

  • Prevent old forms from inactive users from remaining in the system, and therefore still showing in the To-Do List. If you set someone as inactive the form is now hidden in the inbox of the inactive user but technically still active in the system, so may still show in peoples todo list.
  • You can prevent this by making sure your nightly automated user import is set to "Remove Inactive user Forms"
  • If admins perform manual user imports, they also can forget to select this checkbox when updating records, so overtime many forms get stuck in the system with inactive users.
  • The following article explains how to clean these up: Remove Forms for Inactive Users

Rules for form routemap steps appearing in the to-do list:

  • The form must be created.
  • The step must be destined for the user.

For example, if a review form uses a routemap has 3 steps, 1 for the employee and 2 for the manager, the employee will see 1 to-do item, while the manager will see 2.
Note that if the form described above is mass created for all employees, most managers will also see the employee step-for their own form!
Steps are linked only if the form is currently in the user's inbox

The way to test this for review forms is to click on the "Performance" tab, which shows the v10 inbox (limited to PM forms). If no forms are listed there, none of the PM form-driven items on the To-Do list should be linked.
If there is just 1 form in the inbox that corresponds to the To-Do item, clicking on that item will take the user directly to the form.
If there are 2 or more forms in the inbox that correspond to the To-Do item:

There should be a dropdown menu of names next to the To-Do item, listing the subjects of the forms, with each one linked to that form.
Clicking on the To-Do item will take the user to the list of forms under the corresponding tab (e.g., Performance for PM and 360 forms).


Helpful Tips:

  • The to-do list displays the route map step description, not the name of the route map step.

  • 360 forms: Remember a 360 form is not 1 form but many forms. Therefore a 360 will not show as completed until all participants complete including the process owner.

  • The to-do list groups all forms together under one to-do item if they have the same route map step NAME and the same step due date.

    So if the names of the route map steps are the same for two different years and both have no due dates, they will both be grouped under one to-do, but that to-do will display the route map step DESCRIPTION for the latest one.


    Route map step name = “Performance Review” for both 2012 and 2013 forms

    Route map step description = “Performance Review 2012” for the 2012 form and “Performance Review 2013” for the 2013 form.

    The to-do item will group both forms under one to-do item and display “Performance Review 2013” on the to-do list for both.

    If you add due-dates for one of the route maps, then two different to-do items will be displayed in the to-do list.

    This will also display the due dates in the route map on the forms, which might not be desired.

    Alternatively the route map names could be configured to contain the year, which would also make them distinct, causing different to-do items to be displayed.


Why are forms not in the To Do list

If you have just upgraded to the To Do list and and forms are not showing, this is working as designed. Please read following solution for details: 2088120 - Home Page: To-Do List - Forms missing from To-Do List - BizX Platform

Supplemental Tasks

  • Supplemental task to-dos can be added through the To-Do Admin page, linked from the upper right corner of the To-Do list (if you have the right privileges).
  • The first thing you'll see as an administrator is a list of To-Do Templates. There may not be any yet, so create one with the Create Template button.
  • Templates are just a way for the administrator to organize the to-do items. Currently, all to-do items that will come up within the next 12 months are displayed to end-users, no matter what template they are in.
  • Once you're in a To-Do Template, you can create as many task items as you want with the Add link. (Be sure to click "Save" when done managing the list.)
  • Supplemental To-Do can be categorized per module specific however since this are only supplemental and not a main To-Do, it doesn't have a deeplink to redirect the user to the specified module being used. 
  • Administrators can also edit the name of the task for different languages by selecting a language from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. To-Do item names will display in the default locale until the administrators overrides that string with a localized (translated) name.
  • All supplemental tasks have a "I'm Done" button next to them. Once the "I'm Done" button has been clicked, the Supplemental To-Do will disappear as well


Can the To Do List be Turned Off?

  • While the To Do List can be disabled SuccessFactors does not recommend that this feature is disabled since it provides core functionality for users, as well as greatly simplifying the manager's view by presenting a very clear and simple view of what needs to be done. When you first switch to Revolution new users may take some time to become familiar with the functionality, but we have found the vast majority of users quickly start to see the benefits of this feature.
  • If disabled the front page will have a blank space. We can enable a simplified menu in its place which has links to the basic modules enabled in your instance, similar to the tabs you see along the top of the page and therefore adds no additional functionality that already exists. Some clients that have a very simplified process have found this preferrable to using the To-Do list.
  • Please contact Customer Success if you wish to discuss disabling the To Do List. It is a switch so does not require any change request. Enabling the secondary menu is done via provisioning > Company Settings > Home Page Settings > Show QuickLinks Portlet

How to Mass Approve To Do List ?

  • On HP3 UI, Go to "approve requests" tile -> Click on it, opens a popup -> on right corner of popup, click the "Go to workflow request" button -> on this page, user can multi select the workflows and mass approve them.

           But we don't show alerts there. It is only for the pending Todos

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