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  • For one user or some users we see a form listed in the to-do list for an overdue item when the person has no forms in their performance inbox. This explains how to identify the form and remove it from the to-do list.
  • For one user or some users we see a form listed in the to-do list for an overdue item when the person has no forms in their performance inbox.


  • BizX Platform


  • It can also be caused by the form being stuck with the system user (v4admin) due to invalid data still being fed into the system in your Matrix or Custom Manager columns. (see more information on this)
  • If you had a data import that did not complete properly due to invalid or inactive usernames in your data import, then the Manager for the employee updates, but the form does not transfer to the new person.
    This results in the form being stuck with the system (v4admin user)  or invalid user.
  • If the import also had the setting to remove the form for inactive users, then it will sit with v4admin system user, or possibly an inactive user.
  • The to-do list item however is still counting the days since the form was not correctly closed out, which is why you now have a to-do item for an overdue item but see not form for this item.


  • Using Detailed Document Search report, or Form List report report on all forms for the user. Be sure to include deleted documents.


Simplified Explanation

  • Identify the deleted document relative to the overdue item > restore, it > delete it again > overdue item will be removed.


Detailed Explanation

  • Go to reports > analytics > classic reports > detailed doc search.
  • Select detailed search
  • Filter on the username (document subject)
  • Include deleted forms
  • Run the search/report
  • Confirm in the results you see a deleted form for this user.
  • Scroll to the right of the record and see who the form is with in the "Currently With" column.
  • If you see that the form is currently with system admin/v4admin then this may indicate that the overdue item is related to this form.
  • Did that old deleted form have a step in the route map that is the same as the item showing in your overdue item?
  • Take the Doc ID number for this form
  • Next go to Admin Tools > Restore Deleted Documents > in the filter options filter by document ID
  • Restore this form
    • Note: The form will restore to the first active user it can find. For example if the manager is no longer active then it would probably restore to the employees inbox.
  • You do not need to do anything with the form. Now that it is restored it is in a valid state.
  • Now via Admin Tools > Delete Document you can delete the document again.
  • As it is now in a valid state you will find that the form will delete, and the to-do list will be able to remove the overdue item.


If the above does not correct the issue, or you have other issues affecting the to-do list for many users, you may need to open a case with Customer Support. Customer Support can help review the forms and the state they are in. In rare situations the to-do list itself may have become out-of-sync with the correct form status none of the affected forms are in the deleted state. Support can with your approval request that we run a back-end task to refresh your to-do list data, which will re-sync the to-do list with current form state. (resyncing does not work for deleted forms)




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