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  • Listing of home page tiles
  • What tiles are available for the home page?


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The admin can customize the home page and allow the user to interact with multiple tiles where each tile has relevant information with specific business process content.  To manage your Home Page and the current tiles, an admin with required permissions can access this from Admin Tools > Company Settings > Manage V12 Home Page

From here you can set various tile options.

Note: Most tiles are WYSIWYG, meaning what you see is what you get, and you cant remove individual bits from them or add new pieces of info to them, you can only enable or disable the entire tile.


Controls that are available to the admin are:

  • Order the order of tiles
  • Make it removable or not
  • Make default size for all users large or small
  • Move to Not Available
  • Move to Not Used
  • Add Custom Tile
  • Delete Custom Tile
  • Reset everyone's tiles to the default settings. Note: All tile size and position moves made by your users on their Home page will be lost.
  • Revert to classic look. 'Turn Off Homepage" . No longer possible after b1508 (August 2015) release.


The users will have full control over the layout of the tiles and the titles can be moved, expanded, collapsed to provide every user the experience that suits their need.

If you do not see a tile in your tile manager then your administrator has not made this available for your company.


Available Tiles Are:

Tile Browser

  • Tile Browser: This tile enables you to control the accessibility of the other tiles. This tile will show on the users home page.


Form Status Tile

  • The purpose of the “Form Status” tile is to allow managers visibility into their direct or indirect reports on the completion percentage (%) of performance reviews, which is reported based on the Route Map Step Name for a specific template or multiple templates.

    In other words, a user with no direct reports will be shown a blank tile. A manager with direct/indirect reports will be shown a summary status for percent (%) completed forms by each step name of the route map for existing data.
    More info on this tile...

  • My Info Tile:

    • The My Info tile gives you easy access to view and update your Profile details. User can view Public Profile information about themselves

    • 2.png
  • My Objectives Tile:

    • The my Objectives tile shows you the latest updates to your goals, or your top goals if none have been updated. you can choose which goal plan to view right from the Home Page.
    • Goal Alerts. The alerts on the goal homepage tile will be cleared when the goal plan is accessed from the tile, when the goal plan is accessed via the top navigation menu, or when the goal details are viewed from the mobile goal product.
      More info on this tile...

    • 3.png
  • Careers Tile:

    • The Careers tile allows you to access the internal careers tab where you can search for current job openings, track past job applications, create job alerts, and access saved jobs.

  • Quick Links Tile:

    • The Links tile lets you add shortcuts to pages and forms you use often.
  • To-Do list Tile:

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    • The To Do tile lists all of your action items, upcoming activities, and completed tasks in a single place.

  • Welcome Message:

    • The Welcome tile displays messages and useful links from your HR team. (when setup by the admin)

  • My Team Tile:

    • My Team tile displays information about everyone on your team, so you can easily check or follow up on team action items.
  • Admin Favorites:

    • The Admin Favorites tile displays shortcut links to your favorite admin activities.

  • Admin Alerts Tile:

    • The Admin Alerts tile is a compact way to see all the pending action items you track throughout SuccessFactors. The Tile is organized the same way you work, into Workflow activities, People activities, and HR Data activities
  • Jam Tile:

    • The Jam tile gives you a view of your Jam feed so you can see what your colleagues are sharing.


Can I customize these tiles by adding or removing information?

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All the above are default system tiles. These are WYSIWYG, meaning what you see is what you get, and you cant remove individual bits from them or add new pieces of info to them, you can only enable or disable the entire tile. if you want to create a custom tile please see below.

Custom Tiles:

  • From Admin Tools > Manage Home Page > Add Custom Tiles the administrator can create custom tiles. These are primarily just text tiles similar to your Welcome TIle that allow you to add basic text and HTML.
  • They are not customizable to pull in system and module data from your instance.


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